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Drake’s Security Guard Shot Outside His Home Amid Kendrick Lamar Beef

Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef intensified

Drake / Instagram

Drake’s Toronto home is reportedly the scene of a shooting that has left one person injured, several news outlets reported early on Tuesday morning.

According to TMZ, a man was reportedly shot early Tuesday morning. The victim is said to be seriously injured but has been identified as a member of the rapper’s security detail at the home. Some news outlets have confirmed that Drake was not at the home at the time of the shooting.

An updated report from Canada Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) claimed that a police source confirmed the incident from a drive-by attack. The security member is said to have been shot to the upper chest and was unconscious when police responded.

The unnamed victim was taken to hospital via emergency services and underwent surgery. The victim’s condition is listed as serious at the time of this reporting.

Videos taken of Drake’s home located in the upscale Bridle Path area on Tuesday showed several police cruisers around the property and some areas taped off from public access. According to TMZ, no one has been arrested in connection with the shooting. The alleged perpetrator reportedly escaped in a vehicle after the shooting.

Toronto Police Operations confirmed that the shooting took place in the early morning hours of Tuesday.

Drake has not reacted to the shooting. The rapper was recently spotted in Houston, Texas, amid his ongoing rap beef with Kendrick Lamar, which some fans have linked to the shooting at his house. The Canadian rapper recently moved from Los Angeles to Houston where he bought a ranch.

Drake’s home has been featured as part of the rap beef with fans of Lamar creating memes about the house and its location and posting them online.

Drake’s mansion in Toronto, code-named The Embassy, was reportedly worth around $100 million in 2020. Over the weekend, Kendrick Lamar shared a Google Maps satellite image of the home when he released his hit song “Not Like Us,” using the image as the song’s cover art. The home was reportedly listed as owned by Kendrick Lamar on Google Maps, but that error has since been corrected.