Gloss Up Stirs Drama Between Keyshia Cole and Hunxho With Steamy Photos

Gloss Up sparks drama between Keyshia Cole and her 24-year-old boyfriend Hunxho

Keyshia Cole Gloss Up Hunxho
Keyshia Cole, Gloss Up & Hunxho

Keyshia Cole and her boyfriend Hunxho are dealing with some relationship drama sparked by some steamy photos released by his ex-girlfriend Gloss Up, who also dropped a music video featuring their collaboration.

Urban Islandz reported last month that Keyshia Cole, 42, confirms that she is dating 24-year-old rapper Hunxho. The pair were spotted at the club together days before going public with their relationship. It turns out that the rapper is getting exposed as a cheater after his ex-girlfriend, rapper Gloss Up, shared some photos of them together while suggesting they are still an item. The revelation of their romance, coupled with their massive age gap, has certainly raised eyebrows as some fans openly criticized the R&B diva.

On Friday, Gloss Up released the music video for her song “Come Here” featuring Hunxho, which set the internet ablaze, prompting a response from Keyshia Cole. “You Know What It Is In Real Life . 4L StinkaLink ‘Come Here’ Out Now,” Gloss wrote.

In a message posted on her Instagram Story, Cole says the photos were taken long before he and Hunxho started dating. “The way the shaderoom running with this fake narrative like these ain’t pics from a video shoot shot before Xho met me is crazy,” she wrote.

In other posts, she added, “Him being Yo ‘sneaky link’ When U have a ‘Man you bout to marry’ is nasty work. But I wish u all the best on your project Love I was actually rooting for the video to come out.” Hunxho responded to the drama on Twitter/X, telling his followers, “Y’all hell [laughing emoji.]”

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Keyshia Cole briefly deleted her Instagram account before reactivating it to promote her upcoming show next week. The R&B singer has not responded to some of her fans who told her to end her relationship with the much younger rapper, saying it has gotten toxic too soon.

Hunxho has since shared a screenshot of himself and Keyshia Cole on Instagram Story letting his followers know that all is good between them.


Cole’s ex-boyfriend Antonio Brown has also added his voice to the mix when he shared a comment telling the veteran R&B singer, “Keyshia Cole come [devil and hearts hand emojis].”

Gloss Up has not responded to Cole’s allegation that she is engaged to be married. Instead, she is promoting her new music amid the extra press she is currently getting surrounding the drama.