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50 Cent Ridiculed Megan Thee Stallion’s Cameraman Over Frivolous Lawsuit

"This case is thrown out of my court" - 50 Cent

50 Cent Megan Thee Stallion
50 Cent and Megan Thee Stallion

50 Cent says the lawsuit brought by a former cameraman is frivolous as he thinks the past employee should have been happier to see Megan Thee Stallion and another woman making out.

On Tuesday, NBC reported that the “Savage” rapper was being sued by her former cameraman for harassment, creating a hostile environment, and eventually firing him after she allegedly forced him to watch her have sex with a woman in 2022.

Documents quoted by the Blast say that the cameraman, Emilio Garcia, worked as a cameraman for the rapper starting in 2018 as a part-time contractor before working with her full-time. He left her employment in 2023, citing the main reason being the way Megan treated him after he witnessed the sexual incident with another woman in Spain.

Garcia says he was working on a tour with Megan in June 2022 in Ibiza, Spain. He had accompanied Megan on a night out, and while in an SUV with three other women, he witnessed the incident.

“Suddenly Stallion and one other woman start[ed] having sex right beside Garcia,” the lawsuit says, adding he couldn’t “get out of the car as it was both moving, and he was in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country.”

He claims the incident left him embarrassed, mortified, and offended throughout the ordeal. The cameraman also claimed that Megan warned him never to discuss the incident, and she also criticized and fat-shamed him, calling him a “fat b***h.”

Megan Thee Stallion and Emilio Garcia / cred: Emilio Garcia

NBC quotes Garcia as stating, “I felt uncomfortable. I was kind of frozen, and I was shocked. At kind of just be the overall audacity to do this right, right beside me.”

Elsewhere in the lawsuit, he also claimed that Megan fat-shamed him on several occasions and claimed she was a hypocrite for someone who was body-positive. He claims that his employment status also changed dramatically, with him earning money per task rather than a flat monthly salary. He was eventually let go in a letter from Roc Nation.

Garcia claims that his employment with Megan has impacted his mental health, and he is seeking damages for mounting anxiety, depression, and physical distress due to working in a toxic work environment.

In the meantime, 50 Cent chimed in on the lawsuit report, sharing his opinion that he felt the lawsuit should be thrown out.

“This Camera man and the lawyer who made this claim should be punched in the head. I’m sorry 2 women start making out, I’m not offended. This case is thrown out of my court,” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram.

Garcia is represented by Ronald Zambrano, the attorney who also represents a group of dancers who have made similar allegations against Lizzo in a lawsuit filed last August.