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Offset Gets Into Fight With Clubgoers Who Threw Cash At Him

Offset gets into it with a clubgoer for throwing cash at him


Offset might have been fine with his wife being a stripper in the past, but he’s not about to let men disrespect him by throwing cash at him as if he’s a stripper.

Offset knows how to make it rain in the club, but he always makes it rain on women. On Saturday night, the rapper nearly got into a fight at a club after a patron made it rain on Offset while he was performing. The Migos rapper was performing at Starlets in Queens, New York, for a 4/20 event, and it seem that he got upset at another man throwing money at him or throwing more money than him, fans at the event claim.

Offset stands on stage surrounded by people from the gentleman’s club. A money cloud moves like a projectile towards Offset about three to four times. The rapper seems to walk away as more money is forcefully sprayed his way.

“You can’t throw money in his face; you gotta chill, relax, relax… leave the building, please,” the DJ says after cutting the music and trying to speak over noisy patrons.

Offset also appears upset and tries to lunge across the stage and over people to get to whoever is throwing the money while security attempts to separate him from the crowd. The incident has sparked commentary online that the rapper was disrespected by clubgoers as money thrown at a male was meant to insult him and his pockets.

“So he’s mad they’re throwing money also? Am I getting this right?” one person asked on Twitter. “I thought that was the culture in Atlanta. Rappers perform in the strip club, and people throw money at them,” another person commented.

On Instagram, one fan explained why Offset was angry. “Throwing money at another n***a in the club means you insinuating he broke,” one fan wrote. Another fan, however, saw the lighter side to the incident. “Chilee I have no pride because I definitely would have picked up that money,” the fan wrote.