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Clock Ticking For Kendrick Lamar Response To Drake, DJ Akademiks Shares

DJ Akademiks urged Kendrick Lamar to respond to Drake

Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar

DJ Akademiks says the clock is ticking for Kendrick Lamar to issue a diss track in response to Drake’s so-called leaked song.

An unreleased Drake song surfaced online yesterday, ruffling feathers in the hip-hop community. Fans have been debating whether the song was AI-generated or leaked from within the OVO Sound camp. Regardless of how it came about, it sure packed enough punch to prompt a reaction from Rick Ross. The song targeted The Weekend, Future, Kendrick Lamar, Metro Boomin, and Rick Ross.

So far, only Rozay has responded with a song of his own, leaving the other artists contemplating whether or not they should respond. Among the claims in Rick Ross’ song are that Drake did a BBL and a nose job, which the Toronto rapper denied.

DJ Akademiks, who broke the songs on his Twitch Livestream yesterday, says the time is ticking for Kendrick Lamar to respond to Drizzy since he got hit hard on the song. “How the f**k you been steppin’ with a size 7 Mens on?” Drizzy raps. “Pips squeak, pipe down, you ain’t in no big three / SZA got you wiped down, Travis got you wiped down, Savage got you wiped down.”

Taking to X, Akademiks wrote, “Kendrick. You are on the Clock.”

There are also allegations that Kendrick Lamar has a diss track for Drake that he recorded four years ago. It seems the OVO rapper believed the rumors were true and even taunted K.Dot, urging him to release the song.

Drake has not yet released the diss song on streaming services, which makes fans question its authenticity, but he has not dispelled any thoughts of it being fake. Instead, he chose to post memes on social media, trolling his opps in rap. The Weeknd and Rick Ross have also been partaking in the social media trolling.

On Saturday, The Weeknd shared a photo on Instagram Story of himself laughing while sitting on a couch. On the other hand, Rozay shared a photo calling Drizzy “BBL Drake.” It appears there is no end to the social media back and forth, which is quite entertaining, but the vast majority of hip-hop fans are interested in more diss songs as they converge in their respective camps based on which artists they support.

If fan bases were the deciding factor of the beef, Drake would be the winner so far.