Tony Matterhorn Thanks Supporters After Having Surgery

Tony Matterhorn: "Thanks to the most high God"

Tony Matterhorn
Tony Matterhorn

Tony Matterhorn shares the good news that his surgery was successful, and he is steadily recovering. The dancehall selector surprised his fans on Tuesday when he shared a clip of himself in the hospital, his head wrapped in bandages.

Matterhorn told his followers that it was a minor surgery, but he was still feeling the aftereffects of the anesthesia and doctors going inside his head. The veteran disc jockey didn’t share the details about why he needed surgery, but the entire dancehall community is happy he is doing okay and recovering.

“Thankful my surgery went well mi not going to D R to get the lypo and the tummy tuk how dem Dweet I feel like a bus hit me and this was just a minor imagine the dolly dem,” the disc jockey wrote while taking a dig on women flying to the Dominican Republic to get BBL.

In another video shared on Instagram, Tony Matterhorn thanked his followers and well-wishers for showing him support. “Yeah big up to all the well wishers them inno the don just wake up mi feeling dizzy,” he said. “But me good. A little surgery in a mi head cuz them say me too mad. So mi alright big up to everyone stay safe out deh yuh done know how the ting go yeah outside.”

Tony Matterhorn appears to be in great spirits and is thankful that his surgery went well and he is out of the hospital. “Thanks to the most high God bless up to all my well wishers and I’m good soon be back to my normal self and thanks again for y’all prayers,” he wrote.

For now, Tony Matterhorn will be stepping away from the dancehall scene to focus on his recovery. The selector also hinted that he will share some more details with his fans in the future. Several dancehall artists, including Kiprich, Tifa, Ding Dong, and I-Octane, all showed him support.