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50 Cent Unfazed By Stevie J Threats Following Diddy Drama

50 Cent again clowns Stevie J

50 Cent
50 Cent

50 Cent claps back at Stevie J following the producer’s threats last week. The G-Unit rapper continues his social media campaign against Diddy and anyone who has ties to the embattled hip-hop mogul, namely Stevie J, Daphne Joy, Jay-Z, and Meek Mill.

Former Bad Boy producer Stevie J, who is a strong supporter of Diddy, caught 50 Cent’s attention last week after issuing a challenge for a fight. It doesn’t seem like Fifty intends to get into a physical scuffle with the former Love and Hip Hop cast, but he is certainly not perturbed by the threats.

“Curtis, what’s good, man? You in your feelings about Daphne ‘cuz she with gang and ’em?” Stevie said in a since-deleted video. “However it go, I want to shoot the fade, ni**a. F*** all that. Since it’s entertainment, let me beat the sh*t out of you on TV or something. I’m calling you out. What you want to do, Curtis, CURTIS.”

Curtis Jackson is 50 Cent’s government name. Stevie J was responding to a post that Fifty made on IG claiming that Diddy allegedly used an intimate video of Stevie J with another man to groom unsuspecting male victims.

50 Cent responded by sharing a comedic video mashup of Stevie J getting into a fight with Joseline Hernandez on Love and Hip Hop. “But He Never Said it wasn’t TRUE! LOL,” Fif wrote while alluding to the music producer not denying the allegations.

Fif also shared a series of headlines about Joseline Hernandez making claims against Stevie J.

Evidently, Fifty is not one to back down from a social media spat with anyone, especially another celebrity. Last week, the rapper turned TV mogul called out Jay-Z for being silent on the drama surrounding his friend Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. Jay-Z was later spotted at an event in Japan with Kelly Rowland, seemingly unmoved by 50 Cent’s attempts to drag him into the fold.

The “21 Questions” rapper also take aim at his baby mother Daphne Joy in multiple posts and vows to get full custody of their son.

Stevie has not yet responded to Fifty’s latest piece of content, but he did make his support for Diddy very clear while calling out the media coverage of the entire situation surrounding the rap mogul.