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50 Cent Seeks Full Custody Of Son Sire With Daphne Joy Over Diddy’s Allegation

50 Cent called out his baby mother for allegedly being Diddy's sex worker amid claims in new lawsuit

50 Cent and Sire Jackson
50 Cent and Sire Jackson

50 Cent is wasting no time in moving to court to get full custody of his son Sire Jackson after details from an amended lawsuit claim that the mother of his son was a sex worker.

On Wednesday, the New York rapper turn TV mogul reacted to claims in an amended lawsuit by Rodney Jones, which says that several women, including Daphne Joy, Tekashi 6ix9ine’s ex-girlfriend Jade, Yung Miami, and others, were sex workers who received a monthly payment for their services.

The claims did not seem to shock anyone as Diddy has been seen with Daphne Joy and Yung Miami many times, and many thought he was dating several women in a rotation. Now outsiders, including 50 Cent, are reacting to the bombshell allegations.

50 Cent reaction to Daphne Joy

“I didn’t know you was a sex worker… you little sex worker,” 50 Cent wrote about his baby mother on Instagram. While he added laughing emojis, it seems that the rapper is not only amused at the report but serious about taking his son Sire away from Joy.

In a report on Thursday, US Weekly claimed that the rap mogul had taken legal steps to file for full and sole custody of his 11-year-old son.

“Given the latest developments and news of Daphne Joy’s involvement in the Diddy lawsuit, 50 is going for sole custody of his son,” Us Weekly quoted a source.

50 Cent has not formally confirmed the report.

The rapper and Daphne Joy welcomed Sire Jackson, the heir of the Jackson empire, in 2012 after dating for a year. He has another older son from whom he is estranged. I

50 Cent is not a fan of Diddy, and no one else has enjoyed his ongoing downfall as the G-Unit CEO. For years, he also shared his disapproval of Joy dating his nemesis.

In 2022, he mocked her after she and Diddy were spotted on a date.

“Oh sh**, that’s your mommy over there with Puffy. LOL. Remember what i told you the other day, these b***he’s be crazy. SMH,” he captioned a photo of her and Diddy together.

Joy had also responded to 50 Cent.

“Although my child’s father and I parted ways, I shifted my focus on my son’s well-being emotionally, spiritually, and everything in between… healed privately, matured, have been closer to God than ever before, and really appreciating this life… I’m not doing anything wrong and wish no ill to anyone and I just want to be happy,” a statement read.

Daphne Joy has not responded to the claims in Rodney’s lawsuit.

Lawyers statement on Rodney Jones lawsuit

However, on Thursday, lawyers from Pryor Cashman LLP representing Universal Music Group, Motown Records, and Sir Lucian Grainge, sent a letter to judge Hon. J. Paul Oetken where they called the accusations by Rodney filed by attorney Tyrone Blackburn “baseless”. They also claimed that Blackburn did not properly serve their clients and was playing a “unilateral game of pleading” with his original and amended claims not being served on the defendants.

“Perhaps he believes he can make outrageously false allegations in a pleading, never serve them, let them marinate in the press for a month and then completely abandon them, file equally false and legally baseless claims based on completely different accusations, and there is no harm, no foul. There is harm and there is a foul,” the letter read.

Later in the letter, the attorneys denied that Grainge was in Diddy’s home. Rodney’s lawsuit claims that he saw Grainge disappear into Diddy’s bedroom for hours with the rap mogul and said it was “either a delusion or a lie.”