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Sexyy Red Shares Why She Is Never Revealing Baby Daddy’s Identity

Sexyy Red says mind your business

Sexyy red
Sexyy Red

Don’t count on Sexyy Red to share the identity of her baby daddy anytime soon. The “Pound Town” rapper, who welcomed her second child earlier this year, has been keeping the identity of the father of her second child close to her heart amid pressure on her and him from fans.

Since announcing her pregnancy last year, Sexyy Red has been toying with fans about her baby father’s identity. She has never been shy about sharing that the father of her first child is incarcerated, and the two of them had a tumultuous relationship. In a new interview with Billboard, the St. Louis native says she has no plans to reveal his identity anytime soon.

“Cause I don’t need anyone in my business — like why you want to be so nosy? Mind your f**king business,” she said.

Sexyy Red welcomed her second child in February of this year and almost immediately got back to her music. Evidently, she is not one to make pregnancy or a new baby gets in the way of her getting to the bag. Last year she shared that she used to hide her growing baby bump during the early stages of her pregnancy whenever she was performing or out fulfilling her contractual agreements, so that no one would start asking questions.

Earlier this year, Red shared a few images from her baby shower with her baby daddy’s face censored from the prying eyes of her fans. She also shared a photo of herself from her hospital bed, looking like she was ready to leave moments after giving birth.

“Me waitin to get discharged from the hospital so I can hit da block wit da guys,” she wrote. “Sexyy Mama back bthc.”

Drake recently called Sexyy Red her muse after the two developed a close friendship following the success of their collaboration, “Rich Baby Daddy,” with SZA. The song, which is featured on Drizzy’s album, For All The Dogs, is one of the hottest hip hop tracks this year.