Spice and Karlie Red Clash On IG Over Infidelity and Fake Purse: Love & Hip Hop

Spice reveals Justin Budd cheated on her

Karlie Redd and Spice
Karlie Redd and Spice

Dancehall artist Spice says she’s upset at her Love & Hip Hop cast member Karlie Redd as she shared that she and her ex-boyfriend Justin Budd broke up after she found out that his ex-girlfriend was her make-up artist.

Spice shared that she felt betrayed by Justin Budd, who did not say anything to her despite the make-up artist living in her home for two years and working with her for five years. She was also upset at Karlie Redd, who introduced the make-up artist to her despite knowing of the relationship but never said anything after she and Budd became involved in their public relationship.

Spice 6 Page letter to Karlie Redd

“Karlie was friends with a girl; the girl was f**king Justin… I have proof, and I have receipts…she do make up. They used to have a relationship, when I confronted them them say it was before me so them never feel they should tell me, it’s not now, them stop talk,” Spice said on Instagram Live.

“If you’re gonna come to my home weh mi man deh, and inna me face ah do mi face, you need to say that. Behind my back being my man’s ex-woman and up inna mi face. Which crazy people does that? And the worse part about it them turn around and make me look crazy,” Spice said.

Spice claims that her and Karlie’s stems from Karlie Redd deciding not to tell her because she never “see the need” to talk about it.

“Even after I go to her cause the girl was living with Karlie, and I say, Karlie, can you believe this girl been in my house for two years, more than two years, she’s around me for five years and she used to sex with the man and she never tell me and she come ah mi yard when Justin deh deh… them claim that since it was before me I shouldn’t feel a way,” Spice said.

Spice’s live video comes after an explosive argument between her and Karlie Redd on Love & Hip Hop aired on Tuesday night. On the show, Spice confronted Karlie while giving her a six-page letter, which she said was to explain how Karlie’s actions impacted her over their friendship and made her feel “less than”.

Things also got fiery between them after Karlie claimed that Spice physically attacked her and threatened to “buss” her head open. The two argued about a video that was made of her while she was unconscious in the hospital in the DR.

“I would never intentionally hurt you; that’s why I am trying to explain why I was hurt,” Spice says to Karlie. “You would never intentionally hurt me? You said you was gonna buss me in my head,” Karlie said.

Spice also defended the violent threat as she chalked it up to it being a cultural thing. “I am a Jamaican; you’re a Caribbean. You know we talk. You’re just trying to paint this picture that I am a bad person cause you doing it now,” Spice said.

Meanwhile, Spice also called out Love & Hip Hop producers over the episode, painting her in a bad light.

“I get that these are the parts of the show that gains more traction but atleast show the parts where [it] makes sense. Y’all acting like I never sat in this park talking for two hours explaining to Karlie all the things that she did to me,” she wrote in a comment on Love & Hip Hop’s account.

She also accused Karlie Redd of giving her a fake Celine bag for her birthday and Karlie and her other friends plotting behind her back and even making recordings while she was unconscious.

“I take accountability for where I went wrong when I was angry however I don’t own LHH edits,” Spice added in the comment which included screenshots of the six page letter.

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Karlie Redd responds to Spice

In the meantime, Karlie also responded to Spice on Wednesday as she revealed a receipt from Saks Fifth Avenue showing that she purchased a Celine bag for $898.

“@spiceofficial FAKE WHERE? Stop lying take accountability,” she wrote on Instagram.

Spice also replied to Karlie, claiming that she was playing the victim.

“Baby you can be team. Karlie all the way. That’s what Karlie don’t understand @iamkarlieredd wants internet approval I don’t. I’m team of a Global world there’s a difference it doesn’t matter how this show paints me or how @iamkarlieredd cries and play victim. I have a 25 years strong catalog I’m not trying to be l am a real artist with a real fan base outside of LHH thanks bye you keep Karlie I’ll keep the Globe
TF,” Spice wrote.

She continued, “@iamkarlieredd First thing you said wrong here. I stopped talking to them including you. I want no friend who secretly records what my doctor is saying while I’m on a dying bed so you tagging Nancy D ass like anything here is a secret. I said the video was sent to me and I wasn’t aware that no one was recording my incident and that’s that where’s the lie little victim? Where did I lie ? ohhhh you thought this year I’m gonna keep quite again so you can cry and play victim? That’s done I’m stronger now.”

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Karlie Redd, however, accused Spice of bullying her.

“Why you deflecting this is NOT about NO music catalog lmao your funny. I’m finally going to stand up for myself because I’m tired of you bullying me with all these lies! My daughter handpicked that bag out for you from SAKS the receipt for the bag is in my story.”

What fans are saying

Fans also weighed in on the entire fiasco.

“I don’t think the bag [is] fake, and honestly Karlie nuh responsible for the Rasta actions.. maybe I am in the minority here,” one person wrote.

“You know we love Spice but she always in some bagga bagga. Although we have to side with her over Karlie but Spice need to look into herself too,” another person said.

“This is why mi nuh want nobody gi mi nothing. What the bag gotta do with anything this whole situation stupid,” another person said.