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DDG Responds To Criticism Over Photo Holding His Baby With One Hand

DDG says his baby with Halle Bailey is okay after getting backlash

Halle Bailey DDG
Halle Bailey and DDG / @halle Twitter

DDG is responding to critics who have been bashing him for the way he was recently spotted holding his baby.

Rapper DDG has been showing off his new dad skills ever since the announcement of his son with Grammy-nominated singer girlfriend, Halle Bailey. The two regularly give fans a peek into their lives as freshly minted parents on social media – primarily Snapchat. DDG, especially, has featured their son, whom they named Halo, in the majority of his daily Snaps.

In a recent story, the rapper and YouTuber shared a few snaps with Halo where he was seen holding the infant with one hand while capturing the photo on his phone with the next. One of the photos shows DDG holding the newborn against his waist, and he quipped about holding his son like a basketball in the caption. The post ignited fury among social media users, and the rapper has been getting pummeled by critics.

Over on X (formerly Twitter), the “She Don’t Play” rapper responded to critics in a very unserious way but assured them that Halo is perfectly fine. “How y’all gon tell me how to hold my baby,” he wrote with a laughing emoji. “We chillin.” The content creator appeared to be unbothered by the onslaught of backlash that he’s been receiving over the photo.

Some of the comments on social media about the post that may have triggered a response from DDG said things like “N**s can’t even hold a baby properly js to look hard??” and “holding bro like it’s a stack of money.” One person even questioned, “Why bro dangling his baby like that?”

Meanwhile, DDG has continued to show off his adventures with baby Halo on Snapchat. He also dropped a new song titled “Shoot Up Your Block” on Thursday (March 7), which features Halo in the music video. In the song inspired by the newborn, DDG makes it known that he will do whatever it takes to protect his son. “My son custom down to the chain, to the f**kin’ bib/I’m not affiliated with gangs, but for him, I’ll spin.” he raps.

Unfortunately, the music video has since been removed. Could it be yet another case of fans ripping the entertainer apart for his decisions involving his son?