Buju Banton Says Entertainers ‘Clowns’ In New Video PSA To Jamaicans

Buju Banton issued new PSA to Jamaicans

Buju Banton
Buju Banton

Buju Banton issued another PSA to the people of Jamaica and those who are fans of his music. The outspoken reggae singer condemns the Jamaican government and police force for “tricking” the people.

In a video that’s going viral on social media, Buju Banton appears to be fuming following the conclusion of the recent local government election in Jamaica. As some of you may already know, Buju is a strong supporter of the People’s National Party and has made his political alliance known. Perhaps the election didn’t go as he wanted, or maybe he is just issuing a warning to the masses.

In the clip, Gargamel called out the media, the government, and the police force for manipulating the people and pushing one narrative, giving the people little or no freedom of choice. Buju Banton also shared that “Jah send mi” to sing and warn the people about what’s happening.

Buju Banton

“Mi no come fi sell nutten the lord bless me from mi a nineteen because me stay true to the order of weh him seh singers and players of instruments,” Buju laments. “Mi a nuh no bomb***claat entertainer, me a singer and player of instruments. Entertainers a clowns, yuh here me people, them only entertain, we don’t enter blood**** tain. I perform and sing and chant and dance and skant and mek mi spirit bare it before unnu and mek unnu see it say God live.”

Buju Banton also responds to some critics who suggest he is trying to trick the people into believing in his philosophy and perhaps voting the way he wants them to vote. In his message he accused the government and the police force as the ones who are really tricking the masses.

“So what unnu a try say a trick me a trick unnu?” he questioned. “Look who a trick unnu, unnu TV. Look who a trick unnu, unnu government. Look who a trick unnu, unnu police. All dem blood*** police yah we pay unnu taxes and before unnu support we and help the people them me see unnu a abuse Jamaicans and beat Jamaicans, yuh no see weh day unnu couldn’t get no food. It ago get worst.”

“We live in a country where we cyan get no truth, we turn on the TV and a one narrative them a push,” Buju continues.

Buju Banton also expressed his frustration with voicing his opinion on social media platforms and risking his account being banned or taken away.

“Call me anything unnu waan call me because mi love unnu from the heart, and that’s why Jah send mi fi come sing mi song them and protect me and put weh him put in a me in a me! So unnu can know in this time,” the singer vents. “Mi nah call no blood*** name because unnu know all a who bow out.”

Buju Banton then turned his attention on those who he said are remaining silent and warned Jamaicans to start farming and providing for themselves.