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DreamDoll Dating Football Player Quincy Promes, Everything To Know

DreamDoll confirms relationship with soccer star Quincy Promes

Rapper DreamDoll has finally debuted her mystery man. Still, it seems that fans believe he is an alleged fugitive wanted by police in the Netherlands for drug trafficking and a stabbing incident of his cousin.

DreamDoll appeared ecstatic as she celebrated her 32nd birthday on a luxury vacation with her boo. In a post on her Instagram page, DreamDoll captioned her special day as “Best Birthday Ever.”

The carousel included videos and photos of her on her birthday.

“It’s my birthday,” she said as she pranced around a table in what appeared to be a yacht decorated with balloons. In others, she also debuted a starfish bra and see-through cover-up while her boo hugged her from behind.

Although her boyfriend’s head was bent, curious fans seemed to investigate his identity, and the information supplied suggests that he is currently wanted by police.

Who Quincy Promes?

DreamDoll’s new boo is Dutch professional footballer Quincy Anton Promes, who represented the Netherlands’s national team internationally and is now a forward for the Russian Premier League club Spartak Moscow.

Promes, 32, was reportedly charged and sentenced in absentia for drug trafficking crimes earlier in February, CNN reported. The charges stem from him allegedly being “central” to a drug trafficking ring that moved 1,360 kilograms of cocaine from Brazil to the Netherlands in 2020.

Who Quincy Promes legal trouble

The talented footballer, who has a net worth of around $30 million, was sentenced to six (6) years imprisonment for drug trafficking. However, the sentence was handed down in absentia, given that Promes now lives in Russia due to his current football contract. Prosecutors in the Netherlands claim that Promes played a major role as a leader of the drug trafficking ring and was the mastermind who used others to commit the crimes.

His lawyers are, however, fighting the conviction and say that their client is innocent. They plan to appeal the sentence and want a public hearing.

Promes allegedly has a criminal history outside of the cocaine allegations, as CNN reported that he was also convicted in absentia in 2023 for the stabbing of his cousin. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison for that offense. He is yet to serve that sentence.

Promes contract with Spartak Moscow comes to an end in June 2024.

In the meantime, DreamDoll has not responded to her fans digging up her man’s personal life.

Promes also seemed to confirm his relationship with DreamDoll as he posted her a sweet birthday message on Instagram Story.

“Happy Birthday, Queen,” he wrote with the queen emojis.