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Nicki Minaj’s Sister Ming Maraj Previews New Music, Nicki Fans React

Nicki Minaj's sister might have new music on the way

Ming Maraj and Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s younger sister, Ming Maraj, is sparking curiosity as she reveals herself and music for the world to see. Nicki, who has four siblings, first revealed that she had a younger sister in 2013. She has never posted or shown Ming around her and her family on special occasions or holidays.

However, a few years back, she wished the teenager a happy birthday, which sparked renewed interest in her life. Earlier this month, Ming revealed she was getting ready to release two new songs and asked fans to support her music career.

The young woman has a YouTube account, and by all accounts, she’s been working to get noticed by fans. She even told fans that she wanted to earn enough money to buy a new camera and phone, which is equipment for her YouTube channel, and to promote her music.

On Monday night, snippets of Ming rapping and singing went viral as many fans commented on her uncanny resemblance to her big sister Nicki, and she even sounded slightly like her. In one video, Ming has her hair straightened and raps to the camera. In another video, she is seen wearing a black and blonde-haired wig. She mouths the lyrics of the songs with ease, making it clear that she is also strong on her pen game as her sister.

Nicki and Ming share the same father, Robert Maraj, a gospel singer from Trinidad. Robert is of Afro-Indian Trinidadian heritage, and his daughters seem to take their looks from him. On social media, many fans shared support for Ming and her talent.

“If ice spice can be the Fart she can do it too!” one fan wrote. “One thing…. They’re both very pretty girls. Truly. Gorgeous,” another wrote. “I’m dead she sound like cardi,” another person wrote. “NOT only are they TWINS but do y’all hear her lyrics? Give her time to grow,” another added.

Some fans also dragged Nicki for not helping her sister.

“Nicki abandoned her sister from her father side. Why is she living in the projects with her wig like that,” one fan wrote. Another said, “Wait. So this really her sister!? Cause why she NEVER TALK about her. Only Caiah and Jelani.”

Ming is 18 years old, which could explain why Nicki has not put her in the spotlight. The rapper is very outgoing but also very private, as she’s kept her son’s name away from the public and intimate moments away from the public.