Alkaline Address ‘Fell Off’ Criticism In “Nah Lef Eh Game” Video

Alkaline responds to critics with new song


Alkaline seemingly reacts to chatters in the dancehall community about him falling off with a new video, “Nah Lef Eh Game,” meaning he is here to stay.

The Vendetta leader stakes his claim on longevity in the game following a stellar year in dancehall. What has become the norm in his recent videos is that Alkaline appears solo in the Deus Beni-directed cut, which features clips of him on a penthouse balcony. Other clips show him outside by the poolside with the night sky in the backdrop.

“Mek dem cus mek dem gwan complain/ Run up dem pressure cah me nah lef eh game/ Stress can’t get we off a yuh brain/ Tek eh detour and hop offa mi name/ Them quarreling and them bawling/ Now them wah see, Nah lef e Game!” Alk deejays in the chorus over a beat co-produced by Autobamb Records and Sponge Music.

There are some recent chatters among dancehall fans and some vloggers who claimed that Alkaline fell off in the music. Some folks even urged him to engage in a lyrical clash with Masicka, who is arguably the leading artist in the genre currently among the current generation. While Alka did not directly respond to any particular individual, it’s evident he is sending a message.

“Deh a road a mek we ting work as a rowdy/ Wah see me guh back fi send a prayer emoji/ Seh me woulda guh easier,” he deejays.

In the meantime, Vendetta fans are reacting to the new song with rave reviews. “Alkaline has proven himself over and over and them still cyan stop the boss. One Vendetta global the music global,” one fan wrote. Another added, “Alkaline is one of the few artists to separate from the crowd and be different.”