Pamputtae Elated Over Feature In Netflix Series “Champion”

"From I was going to school acting was one of my passions" - Pamputtae


Dancehall artiste Pamputtae says she’s about to get her big break in acting after being featured as a cameo in the hit Netflix series ‘Champion.’ Many fans reacted with shock and surprise after spotting the “Nuh Problem” artiste on the show, and according to her, she’s also received calls for other potential projects.

Pamputtae, in an interview with the Jamaica Observer, said she’s observed the love she has received from everyone, including her fans.

“I feel so happy, so good to hear everybody a say, ‘muma mi love da move deh and there’s more to come innu’. People tag me in posts about the show and tell me how glad they are to see me on TV. Dem tell me say mi humble as an entertainer in the game and that I deserved the spotlight,” Pamputtae said.

Pamputtae, considered one of the hardest-working artists in Jamaica, also expressed that she was happy to represent Jamaican culture on an international stage. Still, moreover, she was beaming with love and pride at seeing herself on Netflix.

Pamputtae also said she expects that the feature will cause her to get more opportunities for her career, especially since it’s been her desire to get into acting.

“From I was going to school acting was one of my passions, mi good at it and was actually into that more but music ended up giving me my break,” she said adding that she is now a multi-hyphenate who God is leading.

The artiste also shared her hope for more acting gigs because people will get to see another side of her that doesn’t come out in music.

In the meantime, Pamputtae expressed gratitude to ZJ Sparks, who recommended her for the role. She was featured alongside Chi Ching and other artists in scenes shot around Jamaica, showing off the music and culture.