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50 Cent Responds To Ozempic Rumors After 43 Pounds Weight Loss

50 Cent credits his weight loss to the gym

50 Cent
50 Cent

50 Cent is laughing off claims that he lost weight from taking Ozempic.

Recently, the G-Unit rap star took to Instagram to share his new trim figure in a post highlighting how abstinence has helped him focus more. Fifty said he has been training harder in the gym since, and it’s paid off if his new physique is any indication. However, the rapper found himself denying claims that his weight loss can be attributed to the use of the diabetes medication Ozempic.

In a video posted to his Instagram on Wednesday (Jan. 24), 50 Cent scoffed at the suggestion and doubled down on his previous revelation that his intensified workouts are the cause for him shedding the pounds. He revealed that he has lost a whopping 43 pounds since his Final Lap Tour in 2023.

“Everybody talking about weight loss,” Fifty began. “I was in the gym, I was working the f**k out, man. And they say it was Ozempic. I was running, I was doing what I had to do.

“You see me on tour, I ran around. I was 253 pounds. I came down, I’m 210 right now, right. How you feel about it? You tell me how you feel about it later, right,” he digressed.

Elsewhere in the video he shared, 50 Cent spoke about YFN Lucci’s RICO case and how his recommendation to bring aboard attorney Drew Findling aided the rapper’s short sentence. Lucci was originally sentenced to 20 years, with half of the sentence to be served behind bars. However, subsequent reports confirmed that due to his eligibility for parole and time served, the rapper would only spend 3 or 4 months behind bars.

“Drew Findling is one of the lawyers, right? And I told YFN to use him. I said, ‘Yo listen, good lawyer, man. I’m telling you,'” 50 Cent explained. “And I started feeling shaky about this sh*t ’cause he told me the first day that he was stuttering. And his mother said he was stuttering: ’50, this is your sh*t, you told him to use this muthaf***a.’ I said, ‘Oh sh*t.’ I started feeling crazy.”

“Then they talking about an offer for 20 years,” he continued. “And I go, ‘Yo Drew, is this real? 20 mutha****in’ years?’ And he said, ‘Don’t worry about it, I got it. Everything will be alright.’ Next thing you know, 20 years turns into four months.

“You need a lawyer? You need a lawyer, muthaf***a? You need Drew Findling,” Fifty added.

The New York rapper and TV producer took the opportunity to encourage Young Thug to get the same lawyer as the YSL rapper, who is currently riddled with legal woes in a RICO case of his own. “@drewfindling is the man right now, is you stupid is you dumb 20 years turn into 4 more months. Fvck dat THUG better call DREW FINDLING !” Fifty wrote in the caption.