Shenseea Plans To “Spoil” Fans With Dancehall Music In 2024

Shenseea says she is listening to her fans and will be dropping a lot of dancehall music in 2024


Shenseea plotting her big dancehall comeback this year much to the delight of her core fan base.

The Jamaican artist is promising her fans loads of dancehall music for 2024 after dishing out mainly hip hop songs for the last two years. Shenseea, who rose to fame for her smooth melodic voice in “Loodi” with Vybz Kartel, has been missing in action in the dancehall arena but not without cause as she set out to pursue a hip hop career in the United States.

However, her fans have been very vocal about their unhappiness at not getting new dancehall music from her, especially since she was one of a few dancehall artists who were well-loved by fans. While on TikTok Live with her fans recently, the “Lick” artiste hinted she’s heard fans and will deliver.

Shenseea Jamaican colors
Shenseea IG

“I have some dancehall songs for you guys. This year I’m spoiling you guys, I’m gonna spoil y’all we’re gonna have some fun,” she said.

In another part of the same Live, she also spoke about getting a lot of hate since she became a hip hop artiste and responded to fans asking about Rvssian’s comments in her recent interview.

The producer claimed that he and Shenseea hadn’t spoken in two years and were not seeing “eye-to-eye.” However, he was respectful and chose his words carefully to avoid disparaging Shenseea. After the interview aired, the two began following each other on Instagram.

It’s unclear if Shenseea was addressing Rvssian, but she noted that she had a lot on her chest.

“I feel like in the future, I definitely am gonna speak on a lot of stuff that I’ve been holding for so long. But when the time is right,” Shenseea said. “There’s so many things I want to speak on, bro. but I just want you to know that like, I think that a lot of people have been seeing that I’ve been getting mad hate ,you feel me, but just know that I’m staying prayed up.”

She added that she was always choosing the high road in every situation.

“I always try to choose the high road no matter what. You just can’t believe everything you see on the [internet] because I feel like at the end of everything it doesn’t matter what, good people always win in the end. That’s how I feel, and that’s why you guys don’t see me respond to certain sh*t. I just feel like once I know that…I try to do good for people because whatever you put out, that’s what you’re gonna get back. I try to deal with people the best way that I can and treat people with the same respect,” Shenseea said.

The Jamaican beauty is already kicking the year off with her first dancehall collaboration, “Waiting For You,” with Demarco, released on Monday (January 15). Her second album is also set for release later this year.