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Chris Brown Brutally Clap Back At Fan Comment About His Baby Mothers

Chris Brown issued a clap back at a female fan who called him out for him multiple baby mothers while celebrating daughter's birthday

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Chris Brown is not one to play with, and it seems that fans will have to learn the hard way as they test the “Deuces” singer.

On Wednesday, Brown posted a series of photos of his children Aeko Catori Brown, who is now four years old, whom he shares with his mother, Ammika Harris, and his big sister Royalty Brown, nine, whom he shares with Nia Guzman as well as his youngest daughter Lovely Symphani Brown (born in 2022) whom he shares with IG influencer Diamond Brown.

The photos showed the children playing with each other, with Aeko and Lovely seen hugging in one pic. The images all seem to be taken at Lovely’s second birthday party.

In a photo showing Royalty and her pops is a backdrop that reads, ‘Lovely is Two Groovy.’ Many birthday cakes are also on the table, decorated with peach and white flowers and balloons.

In another photo, he and Aeko, along with Royalty, do face painting while he is spotted being the consummate father and helping Lovely with her art. The artiste is seen hugging Lovely and later playing with her in a playpen with Royalty.

“The best part of me is MY KIDS,” the rapper captioned the photos.

In the comments, many praised Chris for his skills as a father. “One thing they CANNOT deny is how great of a father you are,” one person wrote. Another said, “Love seeing him love his kids, and y’all peep, no matter what he got going on, he makes time for his kids, and ALL his kids be there with the BM! Love to see it!”

“Love to see these babies together and enjoying themselves such a beautiful thing,” another person wrote.

There is, however, one fan whom the artist draped after giving a backhanded compliment. “Beautiful [heart emojis], but I don’t want a man with multiple baby mamas,” the person commented. Chris also swiftly replied, “Who said I was hiring ma’am? You say that like you had a chance.”

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Chris Brown is currently promoting his new album, 11:11, released in November last year. The project debut in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart and spawned hits like “Angel Numbers / Ten Toes,” “Sensational” featuring Davido and Lojay, “Summer Too Hot,” “That’s On You,” featuring Future, and “Nightmares” featuring Byron Messia.

The single “Summer Too Hot” received a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Performance at the upcoming 2024 Grammy Awards ceremony.