Stefflon Don Drop New Song Namedropping Jada Kingdom, Jada Answer

Both Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don drops new diss tracks

Stefflon Don, Jada Kingdom

Stefflon Don is not getting messy with Jada Kingdom as she heads back to the studio to name the “GPP” artiste as the one she is referring to in the song “Don Cullinan” on Rvssian’s hot new Dutty Money Riddim released on Saturday.

It’s been all drama and no breaks over the weekend as Stefflon Don seemingly shaded Jada in the track where she accused her of sleeping with men to be able to travel on a jet and selling her vagina.

Jada also responded directly as she called out Stefflon Don and tagged her on Instagram, noting that she couldn’t believe that Stefflon wanted to fight with her over Burna Boy, who she admitted to briefly seeing but didn’t “claim” him because he is for everyone.

Jada also questioned who Stefflon was referring to when she said she would “box” a “gyal” for sleeping with her man.

Burna Boy
Burna Boy

In an updated version of the song, Stefflon Don directedly called out Jada Kingdom by her other moniker, Twinkle, and says Burna Boy didn’t smash.

“Put the buddy inna chance you ah whine you ah jiggle/ too lick inna the air two hand pan the nipple/you know ina dancehall dancehall a run through a bag ah man one man inna yuh middle/ Top Gyal neva sell p***y yet, neva f**k a man fi go land pon a jet, yuh never f**k my man dutty gal/ tell Twinkle say a dis mi ah say,” Stefflon’s latest verse says.

The new version of the preview is changed from a verse where she previously said she would put her hands on a girl for sleeping with her man.

“F**k my man gyal a box yuh fi get/ tell a gyal say a dis mi ah say, one man to mi middle come in like yuh forget….” the previous song said.

She also captioned the post boldly, “Dat A Dat”.

Jada Kingdom also reacted to the latest release by Stefflon, writing in the comments section- “WOOOIIIIIEEEEE!!!”

She added on her Instagram account- “Suh yuh confirm you tryna beef over a man OK this is weak. #Twinkle.”

Yesterday Jada called out the “Senseless” singer for refusing to put a name in her song in which she fired a lot of shots at an unnamed female. Dancehall fans quickly dissected her lyrics and pointed fingers towards Jada Kingdom.

“I just want to see if she bold enough fi say a me she a talk and if she bold enough… it’s weird because it’s over a guy?” Jada said during her Instagram Live where she referred to Burna Boy as for everybody. “That a what we want clarify, and if it is, mi nah ansa you because it’s weird. The b**ches that I diss real beef, never over no pssh pssh, please, dem man ya fi everbody babe, it’s weird. So, I want to know if it’s your manager. As you said, it’s your manager last year.”