Ishawna Says Social Media Absence Stems From Years Of Sabotage

Ishawna shares evidence of her social media accounts being sabotaged


Ishawna says she has been sabotaged on social media for years, which is why she has been less active.

The dancehall baddie shares a lengthy statement detailing what she has been dealing with behind the scenes, saying that the issue has been going on for years and it spans all her social media platforms, including her YouTube channel.

“I feel it’s important to bring something to y’all attention that I’ve been dealing with for YEARS!” she began in her message shared on New Year’s Eve. “The constant targeted attacks to my social media platforms have made it difficult to connect and communicate with you guys. I’ve been dealing with this frustrating matter privately for years but today, I feel it’s important to make it public because of the misconceptions about my artistry and most importantly to be transparent with my fans.”

Ishawna says that the issue has negatively impacted her music as it discourages her from releasing new music on DSPs.

Ishawna / IG

“You sometimes might think I’m being inconsistent with music releases or always going ghost for no reason, but the real reason is that I’m deeply discouraged to put out music because of the severe sabotage and restrictions I’m fighting against everyday to make sure my content is seen, heard and reciprocated,” she said while revealing that her YouTube channel is being severely sabotaged.

“Being a strong opinionated woman in this industry comes with its challenges but the love and support from you all continue to inspire and sustain me through all the adversities,” she continues. “I love you guys so much and I will continue to fight through it all.”

Ishawna also shared screenshots of numerous messages she received from Instagram about restricting her account after receiving complains. In one message dates back June 25, 2021, her account was restricted “due to a legal request.”

It also appears that some of her content is restricted for going against local laws in some countries.

Ishawna has been getting a lot of support from her fans since sharing the post. The dancehall artist performed at several events over the Christmas holidays and plans to release plenty new music in 2024, which is part of the reason why she is bringing this to her fan’s attention.

Ishawna is best known for songs like “Equal Rights,” “Pot Of Gold,” “Everybody Need Someone,” and “Want It.” Last year, she released a collaboration with Ed Sheeran, “Brace It,” after the British pop star admitted she she recorded one of his favorite versions of his hit song “Shape Of You.”