Demarco Blames ‘Crosses’ Foota Hype For His Beef With Mavado

Demarco shares why he and Mavado had a past beef and says Foota Hype instigated it

Demarco, Foota Hype
Demarco Foota Hype

Demarco shares why he went after Mavado back in the day.

The dancehall artiste/producer says selector Foota Hype engineered his beef with Mavado. Demarco and Foota Hype are currently beefing, and they have released a series of back-and-forth replies as they diss each other.

In his Instagram Live chat with his fans earlier this week, Demarco claims that he tried to work with several artists in the music industry, including Mavado. However, he did not get any response from the “Caribbean Girls” artiste and was “frustrated” and dissed him, something he says Foota Hype is responsible for.

Mavado / Courtesy

“When you see me all go so bam and lash out and start diss all, start diss Mavado, yow a frustrating cause a the said Foota Hype tell me fi diss the man too. You nuh see the bwoy a crosses?” Demarco said.

He continued, “Because hear wha gwan, me very instrumental inna nuff big hit songs weh Vado have and him all voice pan riddim weh me build for people and mi all write songs affi people weh him sing. But when a fi me a bare go round and bay things, so mi a say mi nuh understand that,” Demarco claims.

Demarco also claims that Foota Hype called and told him that Mavado “style” his thing, which led him to release multiple diss songs for Mavado.

“So the big foot bwoy have a riddim and him a say yow see Mavado ah style the ting and him a say yow shoot nuh man. And me a say, you know say me ago shoot and me do one song and then me do two more song and the singer nuh answer me,” he said.

The spat between the two personalities got personal as Demarco clapped back at Foota Hype for dissing his mom.

“S**k out yo madda too,” says Demarco said.

On the other hand, fans bashed Demarco for not taking accountability for his actions and beefing with Mavado over nonsense.

“Mad head poor excuse, you should have a mind of your own,” one fan said. Another added, “Idiot, not this. He just prove say never trust no one even you friend because one he becomes your enemy he will throw you under the bus.”

Foota Hype has not yet responded to Demarco.