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NLE Choppa & Blueface Clash Over Chrisean Rock and Marissa Comments

Blueface says NLE Choppa called his phone after his baby mother Marissa Da'Nae reveals the Los Angeles rapper tried to "holla" at her

Marissa NLE Blueface Chrisean
Marissa Da’Nae, NLE Choppa, Blueface, Chrisean Rock

Blueface is accused of trying to hook up with rapper NLE Choppa’s baby momma as payback after the rapper mentioned Chrisean Rock in his latest song, “Shotta Flow 7.”

Last week, Choppa mentioned Rock and her missing tooth in the song, which drew a response from Rock. However, it seems that Blueface harbored anger that the Memphis rapper managed to get the attention of the mother of his child and approached Marissa Da’Nae to ask her on a date with him. Marissa and Choppa share a three-month-old child, but it appears that they are no longer together.

While on Instagram Live, Chrisean Rock claimed that Marissa called her to tell her that her “BD” grabbed onto her while expressing romantic interest.

“Tea time with the baby mommas today… Marissa called me like ‘you know I tried to walk away from your BD and he just pulled on me,” Rock said.

Marissa DeNae NLE Choppa
Marissa DeNae, NLE Choppa

She later had Marissa join her on Instagram Live, where the mother of one revealed that Blueface approached her in front of everybody and asked her out.

“He just pulled me to the side and he asked me what my name was. I told him I’m not interested; I know your baby moms. He was like how well do you know her? He’s like ‘Can you call her?’ and my phone is locked up whatever and I was like And you know my baby daddy and he’s like ‘Who’s your baby daddy and I told him and he was like well how old is the baby,” she said.

Chrisean Rock, who seems incensed at the idea, also chimes in that everybody knows who Marissa’s baby daddy is because she’s always on the internet crying over him.

“He was like how old is y’all kid? I said three months, and he was like so you gon choose my baby mama over me? And I tried to walk off and he pulled me – ‘don’t walk away from me like that’, and I was like this ain’t that fool,” Marissa said.

Rock was also interested in learning if Blueface was drunk and smelling like Hennessy, which the other woman confirmed. Blueface has since reacted to the claims that he was trying to holla at Marissa to get back at NLE Choppa.

As for Chrisean Rock, she called out the rapper for mentioning her in his song days ago and fans felt that his mentioning her missing tooth was a diss.

However, the rapper later said he was afraid of Rock and not dissing her. “Was not dissing Chrisean”, NLE Choppa wrote on Instagram. “@chrisean You Know I’m Scared Of You.”


NLE Choppa has since responded to Blueface on X calling him out for bullying women. “Keep bullying women, that ain’t gone work here and stop sn**ching that ain’t very SY of you P.S. shotta flow 7 out now too,” NLE tweeted in response to Blueface saying, “Nle been calling my fone all day about his baby momma but I’m tender.”