Jahshii Talks Undergoing Surgery, Family Concerned For His Safety

Dancehall artist Jahshii opens up about recent surgery and and big performance on Jamrock Reggae Cruise


Dancehall artiste Jahshii says he recently had surgery to deal with an undisclosed medical issue, but he is strong and is holding firm for the sake of his family.

While speaking with Winford Williams from OnStage, the artiste says that he has stepped up to take care of his family amid the trials they are facing. Jahshii revealed that his family was struggling to cope with the many misfortunes that have befallen him over the last few months of his life, including an attempt to kill him in July, the killing of his brother Mosiah months ago, and an accident last week that caused the car he was in to be written off.

“Family a human being, me a human being to same way but as me say the brave may fall but never yield and mi just affi deh deh fi me family in so many ways right now. Mi affi a spend more time and dem thing, it’s like it impacts me more than my family,” Jahshii said, noting that he was concerned for his family.

The artiste also said the threats on his life are impacting his career, but he continues to work and push forward. However, he says that also means that his family is always “fretting” for his safety.

He did not go into what his illness was, but the host of the show seemingly confirmed that he had surgery recently, which explains the photograph shared recently.

In the meantime, Jahshii is booked for the annual Jamrock Reggae Cruise, which takes place over the holidays.

“Right now, mi just ah anticipate fi touch pan the stage pan the cruise amongst the greats…it’s a powerful lineup. It’s my first time mi debut/ perform pan a cruise and Jamrock Cruise at that,” he said.

The “Cream of the Crop” artiste said he anticipated that the cruise would be a great platform for him to connect with hardcore reggae fans who are said to be coming from as many as 52 countries across the world.

Jahshii is one of the youngest dancehall artists that has been booked for Jamrock Cruise, but he’s upbeat about the performance and that fans will love his set.