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Tyla Was Lowkey Waiting For Drake To Follow Her On Instagram

"So I waiting for that follow and hey he was there"

Tyla Drake
Tyla, Drake

South African Superstar Tyla Seethal says she was “lowkey” waiting for Canadian rapper Drake to recognize her talent, which would have given her a boost and an opportunity to work with the rapper.

It’s no secret that many artists have blown up after getting any form of endorsement from Drake. The Canadian rapper has one of the largest followings on social media, but he is also arguably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, of this generation and the most streamed rapper for consecutive years.

Drake’s record is unbeatable for number one songs and awards, and many artists have Drake to thank for their first No. 1 songs. Some actively pursue the opportunity to make music with Drake, knowing that there is a chance for success given his dominance in the music space over the past decade.

For the women, however, the rapper may have more than musical interest, with his OVO label quick to snatch up new talent. Drake fans and some artists also feel that he targets young, talented artists as potential romantic interests.

One of the most recent efforts was Drake reaching out to Ice Spice and flying her out to Toronto to attend a party with him. They later unfollowed each other but have not made any music together, leading fans to think that Drake was after the 21-year-old.

While speaking on the Big Boy’s Neighborhood podcast, it seems that Tyla also knew that the rapper would notice her talent and come knocking.

“Even Drake, I was lowkey waiting for him. Because I knew aye he’s gonna come. So I waiting for that follow and hey he was there,” Tyla said.

It seems that she and Drake have connected as Big Boy pressed her on whether she and Drake are gonna work together, and she added, “Maybe,” before adding, “I’m silenced, but maybe.”

Drake has not spoken about Tyla, who blew up on TikTok with her song “Water.” The 21-year-old artist received her first Grammy nomination for Best African Music Performance.