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Chrisean Rock Removing Her Blueface Tattoos, Focuses On New Relationship

Chrisean Rock says she is in the process of removing several tattoos including a portrait of Blueface

Chrisean Rock
Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock says that she is planning to remove the tattoos of her baby daddy Blueface from her body now that she is in a relationship.

Rock and rapper K Sauve are reportedly dating, and things appear to be heating up between them as they were recently seen making out in public. She and Blueface broke up three months ago, and Blueface is now engaged to his baby mother and longtime girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis.

During her relationship with Blueface, Rock had gotten several tattoos to prove her love and commitment to him. The tattoos on her body are placed in interesting places, such as her neck, face, and even her pubic area, where the rapper’s name is placed.

Chrisean Rock Blueface
Chrisean Rock (left), Blueface (right) / Zeus Network

Despite rebuffing her fans, who asked that she remove the tattoos after she and Blueface first broke up, it seems that Rock is finally ready to let go of the connection to Blueface. “Yeah I’m getting my tattoos removed God damn, now I got a reason too,” Rock said while on Instagram Live.

Fans also commented on her boyfriend being in the background and commented on her demeanor in recent times. “I haven’t been happy in a minute,” she responded to comments by fans on her live.

In the meantime, Rock recently revealed that she is partnering with Hollywood Unlocked and Enhance Health on their Healthcare Unlocked.

“As a new mom, I want to use my platform to help underserved communities in accessing healthcare. If you rock with me, then join me on my journey,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Healthcare Unlocked is an initiative that will help people, particularly in the black community, to deal with open enrollment and sign up for the Affordable Care Act since the black community is disproportionately affected by access to health insurance.

Chrisean Rock has been having a rollercoaster year with the success of her reality TV show, Cr*zy In Love, with Blueface, and welcoming her first child with the Los Angeles rapper garnering her a lot of public attention. However, her relationship with Blueface took both of them on quite a ride. Not only did they have a messy breakup, but the paternity of her son Chrisean Jr. also came into question.

Nevertheless, it appears that Chrisean Rock is now ready to move on from that relationship and perhaps go through the painstaking procedure of removing her tattoos dedicated to him. She is also working on new music and might be planning to release her first album.