Diddy Hit With Two New Sexual Misconduct Lawsuits, Issued Statement

Diddy is dealing with two new lawsuits after quickly resolving a lawsuit filed by ex-girlfriend Cassie


Hip Hop mogul Diddy is being sued in two new lawsuits by women alleging that he raped them in the 90s.

The lawsuit adds to the recent one filed by his ex-girlfriend Casandra ‘Cassie’ Ventura, that claims he physically assaulted her, trafficked her to have sex with prostitutes across the U.S. and abroad, and raped her in 2018.

Ventura’s damning lawsuit goes into fine detail from the moment she met him as a 19-year-old, and the controlling hold he had over along with his jealous rages over her that resulted in beatings and even blowing up Kid Cudi’s car after she dated the young rapper.

Like Cassie’s, the new lawsuit is filed under the New York Adult Survivors Act, which allows victims of sexual crimes to file civil suits despite the statute of limitations otherwise precluding them from suing.

A second lawsuit by Joi Dickerson-Neal

The lawsuit claims that Diddy allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted Joi Dickerson-Neal in 1991 after they went on a date in Harlem.

The victim of the latest lawsuit alleges that Diddy intentionally drugged and sexually assaulted her while they were on a date. She described herself as a Syracuse University student in January 1991 and was visiting New York at the time when she agreed to go on a date with Diddy due to them having mutual friends. She and Diddy allegedly had dinner at the famous Wells Restaurant in Harlem. After the dinner, she claimed that Diddy pushed her to accompany him as he attended things in the city.

“During the date, Combs had intentionally drugged Ms. Dickerson-Neal, resulting in her being in a physical state where she could not independently stand or walk. Driving first to a music studio where she could not get out of the car, Combs proceeded to a place he was staying to sexually assault her.”

She also alleges that Diddy videotaped the assault and shared it around in the music industry.

“As was his practice, but unbeknownst to Ms. Dickerson-Neal, Combs video-recorded the sexual assault. Days later, a male friend revealed to her that he had viewed the ‘sex tape’ along with other men,” the lawsuit.

The woman said the assault affected her mentally and physically, causing her to be hospitalized.

“The sexual assault, and public exposure of it, caused her to suffer overwhelming feelings of humiliation, embarrassment, violation, and constant apprehension about who all viewed it… [Neal was] admitted into the hospital for severe depression and suicide ideation,” she said, adding this led to her dropping out of college.

Dickerson-Neal is seeking a trial by jury and unspecified compensatory damages for mental and emotional injury, distress, pain and suffering, and injury to her reputation, the lawsuit said.

However, in a comment to the Daily Beast, Diddy’s spokesman called the latest lawsuit a “money grab.”

“This last-minute lawsuit is an example of how well-intentioned law can be turned on its head… this is purely a money grab and nothing more,” the spokesperson added to another publication that some of the companies Dickerson-Neal is suing did not even exist at the time she claimed the lawsuit happened.

Diddy’s lawyer also called Cassie’s lawsuit a money grab before he settled for upwards of eight figures in an undisclosed sum not even 24 hours after the lawsuit was filed. The victim has also sued Bad Boy Entertainment, Bad Boy Records, and Combs Enterprises LLC.

In the meantime, 50 Cent seemed to share pity for the artiste as he reposted a headline of the new lawsuit.

“I told you, I just said here they come 5,4,3,2,1 I don’t know WTF going on here this is crazy,” he wrote.

The third lawsuit by Jane Doe against Diddy

A third lawsuit filed by an unnamed victim alleges that Diddy and singer-songwriter Aaron Hall took turns raping her and a friend after an event at Uptown Records in the early 1990s.

The victim claims that she and her friend met Diddy and Hall at an event hosted by MCA Records (distributor of Uptown Records) at the company’s New York offices.

She claims that Diddy and Hall were “flirtatious and handsy” with the victim and her friend and provided them with alcoholic drinks throughout the event, Rolling Stone reported. The women agreed to go back to Hall’s apartment for an afterparty, where things took a turn for the worse.

Jane Doe says she was “coerced” to have sex with Diddy, and after the fact, she lay in bed shocked and traumatized. While getting dressed, “Hall barged into the room, pinned her down, and forced her to have sex with him.”

After the alleged rape, the victim said she fled the apartment, and she later learned from her friend that she too, “had been forced to have sex with Combs and Hall in another room.”

“Upon information and belief, when Combs finished with Jane Doe, he and Hall switched,” she described the ordeal.

Jane Doe also said she and the other victim lived together, and days after the assault, Diddy called Puff Daddy and visited their home, where he became enraged and threatened her.

“He was irate and began assaulting and choking Jane Doe to the point that she passed out…Combs was searching for Jane Doe’s friend because he was worried that she would tell the girl that he was with at the time what he and Hall had done to them.”

The woman is also suing MCA Records and Geffen Records. Her lawsuit also revealed that after the attack, she told her family members and sought medical treatment to heal from the trauma stemming from the ordeal.

Diddy and Hall have not commented on the latest lawsuit, but social media has been talking as many speculate about other women both men may have allegedly raped.

In one instance, people have called out Hall for having sex with Gloria Velez when she was just -15/16 years old and having a baby with her at 17. Velez has never taken legal action against Hall.

As for Diddy, an old video interview of his ex-girlfriend Kim Porter has been circulating online where the reporter describes her tell-all book about Diddy. The reporter also claimed that Diddy allegedly gave Usher an STD. Usher was a child prodigy who lived with Diddy as a child to groom him as a star.

However, Usher has remained silent ever since those rumors started.

Diddy has remained quiet, and fans have been questioning whether he had a role in Kim Porter’s death. Her book has never been discovered, either.