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Boosie Badazz Says YG Interpolate His Lyrics, Wants Him To Pay Up

Boosie wants YG to pay up for Interpolating his music

Boosie Badazz
Boosie Badazz

Baton Rouge rapper Boosie BadAzz is making a list of all the rappers who have illegally sampled or remade his music, and he’s coming for his coins. It seems YG is his next target.

Last week, Boosie called out Rod Wave for remaking his song “Long Journey” by using the track and the lyrics and not giving any credit or even seeking permission for the sample. Boosie also claimed that he has five (5) persons on his radar who stole his music.

He later name-dropped Kodak Black for remaking his 2007 song “Eaze Your Mind” on his When I Was Dead album released three weeks ago. On the album, Kodak keeps the name of the song and even some of the lyrics and the beat.

Kodak and Boosie are not on good terms after they fell out earlier this year, and the veteran rapper threatened to sue Kodak along with others.

On Tuesday night, Boosie revealed that along with Kodak and Rod Wave, he had his eyes on rapper YG, who sampled his 2009 song “Who Do You Love” on his debut studio album My Krazy Life released in 2014. YG also keeps the song title as the same, and Drake is a feature on the track.

On Instagram, Boosie wrote, “Check ya DM @yg My G so we an take care of this.”

On Instagram, fans reacted to Boosie’s post. “Boosie said he created this sh*t and he want his coins from ERRYBODY,” one fan wrote. “Man atp Boosie finna have every rapper paying him,” another said.

Boosie Badazz also addressed the people who were calling him broke or upset that he is coming for his writer’s credit and royalties. The rap veteran says the issue has been going on for years and he has finally had enough. It also appears that his grouses stemmed from his ongoing lawsuit against Yung Bleu and his brother for a bad business deal where he alleges that his brother forged his signature.

“All y’all n****s mad at me…my creations,” the rapper said as he seemingly previewed a song saying he had something to talk about. Boosie added that for years, he let “everybody slide” and that he needed “compensation” for his skills since he never used a ghostwriter.

“From my hand, it was written man, I’m a businessman, you ain’t gon do this sh*t to Master P, J Prince, or Diddy, man, you people tripping man,” the Baton Rouge rapper is heard rapping in the new song.

YG has not publicly responded to Boosie’s claim he stole his songs without giving proper credit. Rod Wave on the other hand says that Boosie does not own the rights to the song he sampled and had received proper clearance before releasing his album.