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Wale Reacts To Claims Diddy Dangled Him Over Balcony Amid Cassie’s Suit

Wale reacts to rumors he was the unnamed "friend" of Cassie in her lawsuit whom she said Diddy dangled over a balcony

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Artist Wale has reacted to the report by a former team member that he was attacked by Diddy and dangled over the balcony after he attempted to make new music with the rap mogul then-girlfriend Casandra ‘Cassie’ Ventura.

A video of Shy Glizzy’s bodyguard Ant Glizzy on TikTok has gone viral with a former entourage member claiming that he saw Diddy dangle Wale by his feet off a balcony when he tried to record music with Cassie.

“We in the studio and this girl in the studio and she’s singing- the girl is Cassie at the time…I just know she is a big singer. Wale been telling us before we even get to the studio with him and Cassie, Wale was telling us like ‘man we bout to go to the studio with Cassie, man Diddy be acting crazy over her. Diddy don’t want nobody working around her so y’all make sure y’all don’t look at her too wild or make her feel uncomfortable…just prepping us on how crazy act over her,” Ant Glizzy says.

Glizzy added that later, Diddy found out that Cassie was recording music, and after an hour or two, he showed up at the studio, and all hell broke loose.

“It’s just professional, it ain’t no weird vibes, they ain’t flirting or anything, they making good music…I swear to all y’all Diddy and his security guards walked through this room. Diddy lil secret people that follow her, places she goes…he keeps eyes on her,” the man continued.

He continued, “And then I look and glance and I said that is Diddy… they go back there and they shut the door…and all I heard was [sounds] they were moving around tables but I’m like we peeping through the blinds and I swear before God there’s a balcony you could see over. I swear on my grandmother they got Wale off the top of his feet. They got his feet, he dangling off the balcony. I can’t really hear what they saying…”

The man claimed that he knew it was Wale because he and another colleague knew what type of shoes the MMG rapper wore to the studio.

On Monday, Wale posted a cryptic message on Twitter reacting to the story, but he did not deny it.

“The slow demise of authentic journalism… I use to pray for gullible…now I’m scared of em,” he tweeted.

He also reacted to another follower who hinted that the media was “itching for a story” and not caring about its effect on anyone.

“Wild times,” he wrote.

Cassie did mention that Diddy had dangled her friend over a balcony in her lawsuit. However, she did not mention it was Wale but said it was another friend during one of the infamous “freak offs” in 2015 after she celebrated her 29th birthday.

“After this FO, Mr. Combs and Ms. Ventura went back to the hotel room that Ms. Ventura was staying in, where some of Ms. Ventura’s friends were already hanging out. Mr. Combs was severely intoxicated, and at one point during the night, picked up one of Ms. Ventura’s friends like a child and dangled the friend over the balcony of the 17th floor hotel suite. Ms. Ventura and her friends were scared by Mr. Combs’s erratic behavior, but Ms. Ventura was heavily sedated because of the drugs she took to participate in the FO, and therefore was unable to respond to Mr. Combs’s terrifying behavior,” the lawsuit said.

Diddy has not addressed any of the claims in the lawsuit, and none of the persons mentioned has come forward.

So far, Kid Cudi confirmed that Diddy allegedly blew up his car after he and Cassie dated in 2011.

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