Skeng Appears Struggling To Stand At His Show, Dancehall Fans Concerned

Dancehall fans expressed their concerns after a video of top flight deejay Skeng appears to struggle to stand backstage his show

Skeng / cred: SnapX

Fans of dancehall artiste Skeng are sharing concern for the artiste’s health and well-being after he was spotted under the influence and appeared zoned out at an event on Sunday.

The “Protocol” artiste has long shared his affinity and promotion of the drug “molly,” which has drawn condemnation from many persons in Jamaican society. However, it seems that the artiste might be using some kind of substance as he appeared out of consciousness while standing on a step getting ready to perform at an event in Trinidad.

Urban Islandz was exclusive told by a member of his team that the artiste was in Trinidad to perform at an event, and he linked up with several people, including fellow artiste Kraff.

A video posted by a fan has gone viral, showing Skeng standing and sleeping on a step. The artiste’s blue backpack hangs off his shoulders, and he struggles to keep his balance as his head tips downwards. The artiste’s eyes are slightly open, and he seems to keel back and forth to keep his balance.

He is also seen holding a mic firmly but not letting go of it. On social media, many fans and even other artists called for an intervention to help Skeng.

While many joked about the artiste’s condition, Grammy-nominated artiste Jesse Royal wrote, “Y’all joking but drug abuse is not something to take lightly. This shxt ain’t it.”

Another fan said, “And everybody still feel like a just vibes, man need help! His friends and family need to pay attention to him and stop Be yes man! Or we know what’s next.”

Another fan, however, said the artiste might have been tired from exhaustion.

“Work a put in mi boss that’s why you tired how mi don’t see nobody a say this,” the fan wrote on Instagram while another agreed, “Well it could be many reasons why he was in that situation but people will say whatever. It could be a case where he was overworked /exhausted or maybe high, even sleepy, having a headache and jussa try meds before him go on stage, etc don’t be so quick to judge but if he was indeed high then he needs to do better it don’t look good worse he has kids and young fans to set an example for.”

In the meantime, the artiste was hard at work before his performance as he linked up to make new music with the Slingerz Family, Drop Top Records, Johnny Bravo, and Jiggy D, along with Kraff.