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Ashanti Doing Too Much For Nelly Without A Ring, Says Tasha K

Is it time for Nelly to propose to Ashanti?

Nelly Ashanti
Nelly and Ashanti

Is Ashanti doing too much for Nelly? Embattled YouTuber blogger Tasha K says Nelly needs to “cut the sh**” and make it official with Ashanti.

Tasha K’s credibility has been shattered following Cardi B’s lawsuit against her, but the blogger is not giving up as she moves on to other commentary about other celebrities. Unfortunately, the unproblematic Ashanti is the topic of conversation this time, but it seems that social media users are agreeing with Tasha K.

On the latest episode of her show, Tasha K says the couple is doing too much, but she seemed to single out Ashanti for criticism after she was seen over the last week throwing two birthday parties for Nelly and gifting him an expensive vintage Chevy Impala dream car.

“Ashanti- y’all doing too much. I just want to understand why we need to see his face on a purse,” she said, referring to a recent statement piece by Ashanti.

Tasha K continued, “If y’all really together, why y’all need to have 3-4 birthday parties, why you need to buy him a car? Why he need to buy you everything but a ring?” she said, questioning Nelly’s diamond gifts that he bought for Ashanti’s birthday months ago.

According to Tasha K, Ashanti was a catch and did not have to be making all that effort for a ring. “You supposed to be a high-value woman, you ain’t got no kids, you still got your body together and this man still…I got a big belly b**ch and I got married twice,” she said, adding that Ashanti was overdoing it for a ring.

“Still ain’t got no ring and he ain’t surprise her with no ring…Dream car, now mind you when they break up, he gon have another bitch in the dream car. I know a lot of people are here for this couple but cut the sh*t and just make it official,” she said.

Ashanti and Nelly reunited almost 10 years after their relationship ended in 2013. They also dated for a decade, from 2003-2013, before calling it quits. The couple began dating again this year, and it seems that their relationship has taken off, with Ashanti also sharing more of her personal life than usual.

In the meantime, fans agreed with Tasha K. “She’s speaking facts idgaf you ain’t getting all that after wasting years of my damn time,” one fan said. “That’s her man, her business and also her money. Why do we care? Happiness looks great on people,” one fan defended Ashanti and Nelly.

“Nobody wants to see Ashanti hurt because, throughout her career, she’s always appeared to be a sweetheart who minds her business. I’m rooting for her and hope Nelly doesn’t mess up his 2nd chance. Love over 40 is REAL ASHY out here so best of luck to them both,” another fan said.

“Sound like you mad nobody love you that touch,” another person said.