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Chrisean Rock Share Receipts About Blueface Halloween Sneaky Link Up

Chrisean Rock shares messages of Blueface giving her his hotel room number while attending Yung Miami's Halloween party

Blueface Chrisean
Blueface and Chrisean Rock / Zeus Network

Chrisean Rock continues to expose Blueface as she revealed a series of text messages showing that she went to the Los Angeles rapper’s hotel room for a hookup on Halloween night.

Blueface and Chrisean were spotted at Yung Miami’s Halloween party on Tuesday night. Videos of them standing in separate sections were shared online and Chrisean was seen later performing her Lil Mabu diss track to get at Blueface.

The rapper eventually left the venue, and Rock was reportedly seen crying in the bathroom, where she gave away her Blueface pendant.

On Thursday, Blueface repeatedly denied that he and Chrisean Rock were back to having sex after she claimed on a Live video that she woke up to him giving her oral sex. The rapper made several wild claims on Twitter that Rock was actually a menace who found out from Bobby Lytes that he was going to Miami and followed him there.

Chrisean Rock
Chrisean Rock

“Y’all wana know real tea she followed me to Miami stayed in the same hotel as me she know I only stay at fountain bleu found out I was at the party from Bobby lytes messy a$$ so she came and got the section next to mine[.]” the rapper began.

He continued, “[she] walks in [and] try to come stand with me like we cool[.] I politely declined she start crying, ran to the bathroom an gave her pendant away an I left end of story.”

He also claimed that Rock was lying about them still hooking up. “Me an Rock don’t have sex idk why she keep saying that other them to make Jaidyn mad[.] Somebody around her should tell her it don’t even sound cool saying that an then saying he ain’t do none for your baby…so he ain’t get yo baby pampers but you still letting him f**k you that don’t even sound like the truth[.] nobody is that stupid obviously her saying we still f**k keeps her clout chasing storyline,” he tweeted.

Chrisean Rock also says she gave away her Blueface pendant and later shared what seemed to be iMessages of her telling Blueface she landed in Miami, and when asked for his room number, he texted it to her.

“I told u where I was going[.] u ended up leaving after they played my song[.] I asked for the room number you sent ut and was waiting till I got done having fun[.] I told you on the phone how you made [me] feel[.] I literally blocked you after linking,” Rock tweeted.

She continued, “I left you this morning to catch my flight u started tweeting like a female because you thought deleting messages was gon save you so u can lie.”

The text messages revealed that Chrisean texted Blueface at 12:04 AM, but there was no date stamp.

In one message, she asks, “what your room number,” and he explains that his phone died and that he wishes her good night as she might be out partying. He later sends her his room number in a third text- “2-3201.”

In the meantime, Blueface has debunked the screenshots, claiming that they are not current. “Make sure you post time and dates we want receipts not no coupons,” he tweeted.

He added, “Post the receipts post the receipts,” and in another said, “You got us hyped thinking you had some receipts an posted a coupon smh.”