Sean Paul Was On Twitch Live Stream When Earthquake Hit Jamaica

Sean Paul was on Live Stream on Twitch at his home in Kingston when a 5.6 magnitude earthquake shook Jamaica

Sean Paul
Sean Paul

Superstar Sean Paul’s hilarious reaction to a 5.6 magnitude earthquake has gone viral, with him rushing off of a Vice News Twitch stream with the artiste.

The artiste is seen listening to one of the hosts when he joins in and begins to add his thoughts-
“a lot of people were..” Sean Paul said before stopping mid-sentence to announce, “Oh sh*t we’re having an earthquake.”

Sean Paul is seen scampering off the Twitch stream but can be heard cursing. Both of the hosts appear bewildered by the entire thing as they continue to stare at the screen. Neither spoke for more than half a minute before one of them broke the silence.

The artiste has not reacted to the earthquake on his social media accounts.

However, his wife, Jodi Jinx, shared a video update of her picking up their daughter Remi, presumably from school. Jodi is heard asking the little girl what happened before they joke about going home because of the traffic.

“Did you feel anything shake you up? You feel shake up shake up,” she asked the child.

Remi also points out that one of the family pictures is “shattered,” as she points to it. Later, she also showed how she is taught to drop on the floor and put her head between her legs to protect herself during an earthquake. Remi also shared that she had to protect her head from being hurt and having to see the doctor.

In the meantime, Kingston experienced another smaller earthquake and aftershocks after the 5.6 magnitude earthquake. There are no injuries reported, and damage to infrastructure is minimal, local authorities reported.

In the meantime, fans of Sean Paul also reacted to his calm notice and exit from the show. “Not a lot of people was like ‘we’re having an earthquake.’ Everybody was like, Bumboclawtttttt, Earthquakeeeeeeeee,” one fan said. “DWL Sean nah wramp,” another fan said.

Other dancehall artists like Spice, Popcaan, Tarrus Riley, Spragga Benz, and more react after the quake left Jamaicans nervous on Monday.