Teejay Fuming After Altercation With Byron Messia In New Jersey

Teejay and Byron Messia had an altercation in New Jersey that left the Uptop Boss fuming

Teejay Byron Messia
Teejay, Byron Messia

Teejay is fuming after an altercation with Byron Messia and his crew in New Jersey.

The Uptop Boss and the Kittitian deejay have been beefing for the past few weeks, resulting in diss tracks from both sides. However, on Saturday night, their paths cross at a show Teejay was booked for in New Jersey. It’s unclear if Byron Messia was also booked for the same event or if he just went there to confront the Uptop Boss.

Teejay hopped on Instagram Live last night to share his side of the story, saying that he and Byron Messia had a confrontation, but the “Talibans” deejay didn’t do anything. Sources told Urban Islandz that Messia called his crew and then confronted Teejay, but security and police officers at the event stepped in to separate both sides.

Evidently, Teejay was angered by what went down, especially since his girlfriend was with him.

“You a see man inna a place and a walk up to man and nah seh nothing ba*** bwoy like you a idiot, kill me dead this yah man a give me two thumb in a me face a while ago bro and ah me and me and me ni*** and me woman alone tan up deh,” Teejay said on his Live. “This yah man a look pon me, mek bay police come dung pon we a create excitement like you a look clout off a me.”

Teejay hinted that Byron Messia, who was reportedly in New York, might’ve heard he was doing an event in New Jersey and decided to go there to try and intimidate him. The Montego Bay-based artist also took a jab at Prince Swanny and producer Ztekk. It’s unclear if both of them were present when Messia confronted the singjay.

“Go s**k out yuh muma and me a mek the world know seh me and you nuh good pu*** and me and none a yuh friends nuh good, go s**k yuh mother Prince Swanny, s**k yuh mother Ztekk,” he said while making it clear that the issue is far from over.

Teejay shared that the situation brought unwanted attention to him from police officers at the event. Nevertheless, Byron Messia has not yet addressed the issue or given his side of the story. We’re told that both parties eventually left the venue with their respective crews.

As for Teejay, he will be performing at Amazura in New York tonight, and he invited Messia and company to come to his show and party with him.

“Pu*** unnu come over Amazura tomorrow and come party and enjoy unnu self and mek we give unnu some Hennessy drink and then mek two gal sit dung in a unnu face cuz a dat unnu love ba**y bwoy,” he said. “Stop follow me up pu***hole waste man and go buy a house and breed a gal.”