Burna Boy and Byron Messia Link Up In Jamaica For “Talibans II”

Burna Boy and Byron Messia drops new collaborative single "Talibans II" listen it

Burna Boy Byron Messia
Burna Boy and Byron Messia

Burna Boy and Byron Messia dropped their new collaboration, “Talibans II,” days after teasing fans with a potential remix of the original hit single.

While a remix for the dancehall banger has been highly anticipated, the two deejays drop a part two for the infectious yet gritty single that uses the same Afrobeats-inspired beat as the original. Byron Messia stayed true to his original verse while Burna Boy came through with some new bars, particularly his verse confirming he bought a Birkin bag for Jada Kingdom, who he was rumored to be dating.

“All a di best pum pum deh a Kingston/ So mi buy a Birkin fi Jada Kingdom/ Some people vex how mi phone get ring down/ Mi too rich now so mi buy six more/ Hmmm, what’s the plan cuz am real to my skeleton/ If you insult my intelligence/ Then I make the sparks fly like a electrician,” Burna deejays.

Unlike the music video for the original song, Jada Kingdom did not make a cameo in this cut, perhaps because she was overseas touring, or maybe she wanted to steer clear of the drama associated with Burna Boy’s statement in the song.

The 20K Visuals-directed cut received just under a million views in the first 24 hours after its release on YouTube. Only time will tell if the numbers will stack up to the original, which is currently over 36 million views in around six months. The song was co-produced by Ztekk Records and Ej Fya.

In the meantime, “Talibans” is still bubbling on the charts in the UK and the United States. The song is currently at No. 31 on the UK Singles chart. Over in the US, it maintains a strong presence on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart at No. 24, the Rhythmic Airplay chart at No. 35, the Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart at No. 37, and the Rap Airplay chart at No. 19.

As for Burna Boy, he is currently in Jamaica celebrating his birthday while also working on new music. The Afrobeats star visited Sizzla Kalonji this week at Judgement Yard following his birthday bash last weekend, which saw Beenie Man, Byron Messia, Skeng, Teejay, and more performed.