Love & Hip Hop’s Prince Calls Hook Up With Lori Harvey ‘Phenomenal’

Love and Hip Hop: Miami alum Prince Michael claims that he and Lori Harvey dated in the past weeks after he sparked dating rumors with Erica Mena

Lori Harvey Prince Michael

Love & Hip Hop Miami star Prince has made the bold claim that he slept with Lori Harvey and Saweetie’s mother, Trinidad. While on the When In Miami podcast, Prince claimed to have been involved with Lori some years back when he was asked to name a celebrity he “smashed.”

However, he clarified that he and Lori Harvey had some kind of relationship, which ended after he chose to pursue another woman he was in love with.

“Im probably gonna get some shit for this. It wasn’t like a smash though, I was really f**king with her and she was f**king with me. She would Uber to my place on the beach and come out with me, stay with me some nights,” he said.

Prince was on Love & Hip Hop Miami for two seasons starting in 2018. Over the years, he was dropped from the show, arrested for battery of his ex-girlfriend, and beaten up by Tory Lanez. In recent times, he has been spotted with Erica Mena.

According to him, sleeping with Lori was “phenomenal,” and while he didn’t provide any proof of his liaison with Lori, he claims that this was “before she got thin.”

“I f**k with thick Lori, she wasn’t as thin like now, I prefer the old Lori,” he said, adding “yes” when another host asked if he went “raw” with her. As for evidence, he says Lori was “conscientious” and was careful not to be on tape. “She was very very conscientious. I’m not gonna lie to you. One time, I was trying to be slick and get a video [shakes head] this girl was like so on it. Like, yow she was so on it,” he said.

He added that they broke things off because he was in love with someone else and didn’t want to be with Lori because of what she could do for him. Additionally, he claims that he was insecure that other rich men wanted Lori, and it was unfair to hold onto her when other men could do for her what he couldn’t.

Prince also confirmed that he slept with Saweetie’s mother, Trinidad Valentin. The rising rapper revealed that Valentin’s husband contacted him via Instagram DM to tell him he was a homewrecker.

“Her husband ended up DM’ing me…I made sure she had a good time. I called it a ‘prince-perience'” he told the hosts.

Neither woman has responded to him. Lori Harvey is also happily in love with Snow Fall actor Damson Idris.