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Joe Budden Says Drake DM’d Him A 55-Seond Voice Note

Joe Budden says he hasn't yet listened to Drake's voice note

Drake Joe Budden
Drake | Joe Budden

Joe Budden says Drake sent him a DM since their social media feud escalated, but he hasn’t yet listened to it.

The former Slaughterhouse rapper turn podcaster and the Toronto rapper have been going back and forth on social media since last week when Budden issued a scathing rebuke of Drake’s new album, For All The Dogs. According to the podcast host, the album was made for kids, and he thinks that Drizzy should stop hanging around young rappers and grow up.

Joe Budden has since received an avalanche of backlash from Drake peers and fans, including his father, Dennis Graham, who issued a fiery statement on Instagram. Joey is evidently sticking with his talking point, and Drizzy still thinks his critic is a failed rapper who is projecting his insecurities on him.

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Joey told his co-hosts that Drake slid into his DM and sent him a voice message. According to Joe, he received the message while he was at his stepson’s birthday party, walking around at the back of the house while smoking.

“He [Drake] jumps in my DMs,” he said. “I ain’t lying. He jumped right in my DMs, and I’m pacing around, smoking. He DMs me with a 55-second voice note. I can’t tell you what it said cause I didn’t listen to it. You gotta speak to me with love.”

Joe Budden’s co-hosts reacted quite surprised, with Melissa Forde asking if he wanted to play it for them to hear. By this time, everybody wanted to listen to what Drake said in the voice note, but Budden wasn’t inclined to hear it or let it see the light of day.

“If I was one of these clout-chasing a** ni***s that’s exactly what I would come in here and do,” Budden added. “But I’m too thorough at my core and my soul. Protecting energy is a thing. Y’all don’t talk to me when I say favorable things any other time, don’t f***ing talk to me now. The way y’all appear to feel about Hip-Hop media, who the f*** are y’all to think you should be granted the luxury of dishonesty.”

By now, it’s clear that the Drake and Joe Budden feud isn’t going away anytime soon. Nevertheless, let’s hope they keep it civil, and it doesn’t become physical since there are rumors that Joey has been getting threats from fans on social media.