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Future Fambo Shares Diabetes Behind Weight Loss, Not Substance Abuse

Fambo: "No thing happened to me I have suger (sic) diabetes milk am for all who care abouth me am ok"

Future Fambo
Future Fambo

Dancehall artiste Future Fambo says his recent weight loss is not a result of drug use but that he’s battling a severe medical condition.

The artiste addressed fans on Friday as he shared that some have speculated that he was using drugs, which caused him to have massive weight loss. On TikTok, local dancehall commentator Mouta Massi asked, “What happened to Future Fambo,” in a video.

However, he assured fans that he was not using any form of drugs but instead dealing with diabetes. “No thing happened to me I have suger (sic) diabetes milk am for all who care abouth me am ok,” the artiste began. “They say I am coke out in case I die one [day] some I know going be at my [funeral] is me no me dead.”

He added that his weight loss might be shocking for some, but he was fine. “I know I lost nuff pound An it may look a way but no boy are gal in Brazil can [say] not me beg them no thing so who care all doe [though] mi know one care one of now care for [my] mother Liam dad love you,” he said.

He also added Sean Paul to his comment that “@duttypaul no make yo you no thing about me ok gad.” It’s unclear why he mentioned Sean Paul, but the artiste’s wife, Jodi Jinx, was ready to answer him. “I’m trying to figure out what he’s saying before I go off,” she said in a comment under Sleek Jamaica’s post. Others, however, interpreted what Fambo was saying as him telling Sean Paul not to listen to others and what they say about him, and he didn’t mean to be disrespectful.

In the meantime, many fans told the artiste to focus on his health, while others advised him to leave the alcohol alone as it exacerbates his diabetes.

Future Fambo is well known for songs like “Rum & Redbull” and is known for promoting tracks that speak about drinking alcohol. Many felt that he was probably drinking a lot and needed to stop and take care of himself.

The artiste also went live to assure fans and his colleagues Sean Paul, Bounty Killer, and others that he was fine.

“Yeah man mi good, good like gold. Good,” the artiste said, adding on Instagram that he was busy touring and working hard.

“Mi good people. Nothing nuh wrong with me. Mi have sugar and if yuh no eat you right and good and the suppen dem you ago lose weight fast,” the artiste said.

The artiste also revealed that he had a new song coming out with Sean Paul soon.