Minister Marion Hall Says Female Dancehall Artists With BBL ‘Look Like Donkey’

"She put on battam and she look like a donkey. Like you pad the donkey too much"

Marion Hall Jada Spice
Minister Marion Hall, Jada Kingdom and Spice

Christian Minister and converted dancehall artiste Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, has gone viral again as she went off on her Sunday sermon at women who choose to have plastic surgery. Fans of her usual target Spice are in turn calling her out over the statement. Some fans also questioned if she is also subbing Jada Kingdom.

Minister Hall is known for being unfiltered even as an artiste, and that passion has continued as she puts her attention to God and new things.

While giving a sermon on Sunday, the firebrand preacher did not hold back as she used some choice descriptions to describe women who have cosmetic surgery, including Brazilian Butt Lifts to enlarge their derriere and lip augmentation to make their lips fuller while others chose to have breast implants.

“She put on battam and she look like a donkey. Like you pad the donkey too much. And the donkey just a draw so. And people look like that and think it look good, it don’t look good,” Hall said.

She added that the women did not have anyone good around to tell them the truth, or they would rather spare their feelings, something she isn’t going to do.

“You look uncomfortable, you look like yuh refurbish, like a man come refurbish your place and it nuh done good it don’t look good, him just mess it up, that’s how you look and people fi talk the truth, it don’t look good. With all the lips looking like the bees sting you all over yuh face, you nuh look good. You chest, you breasts them tough like stone rock! What’s wrong wid you?” she asked.

Spice Jada Kingdom
Spice and Jada Kingdom

“And nobody talking the truth because them fraid ah you. I’m not afraid. I am telling you it don’t look good. The donkey pad up, it need to reduce,” she continued.

Minister Marion Hall did not specifically direct her comment to anyone, but this is not the first time she has spoken out against plastic surgery. The artist came under fire earlier this year after she boasted about her body and having a good size butt.

Many fans felt that she was throwing words at Spice, whose storyline on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is primarily about her near-death experience in the fall of last year, which was a result of her traveling to the Dominican Republic for surgery.

Spice has claimed that she was there to deal with a hernia, but fans have called her out for not being forthcoming. The artiste also shared images of the scars she suffered because of doctors cutting her open to save her life after she contracted Sepsis.

The photos shared by Spice on the show showed a long scar traveling from her torso to below her navel. She also seemed to have a tummy tuck scar.

The artist has never acknowledged Marion Hall and continues to be transparent about her journey and the aftermath of her hospitalization. Spice is currently preparing for surgery to remove a larger hernia, she said doctors have discovered.

Spice fans on social media have been responding to Minister Marion Hall following her fiery statement during her church service last weekend. “Spice unnatural body bring fourth kids tho,” one fan wrote while another added, “Leave Spice alone its full time you stop using her for clout.”