Shenseea Drops Sexy “Waistline” Choreography For Her New Banger

Shenseea dropped her new song "Waistline" featured on her upcoming album


Shenseea is in new music mode ahead of her sophomore album. The Jamaican baddie dropped her new song “Waistline” on Friday, and now she is showcasing her choreography ahead of the music video for the track.

Shenseea debuted the song weeks after teasing it on IG. While some fans were disappointed that she didn’t release an accompanying music video for the track, she did drop a visualizer of herself whining.

“Must be UPS, the way you drop off the sex for me/Click, clack, boom, when you kill it, that’s a casualty/Take it there, send me over/Baby, talk to me, talk to me reckless/Grip from your hands like a necklace,” she sings. The track was produced by London On Da Track, Azul, and Gray Hawken.

On Saturday, Shenseea released a choreography clip showing off her skills on the dance floor. “Hats off to the real dancers cuz my skin is now peeled and bruised lol,” she said. We’re told that Nicole Kirkland is the choreographer behind ShenYeng’s dance moves.

Waistline” will be featured on Shenseea’s yet to be titled sophomore album. The project does not yet have a release date, but the Jamaican singer previously stated that it’s 80% complete. Sources inside her camp told Urban Islandz that she wants to drop the album later this year or early next year.

The song is also blowing up on TikTok with her fans, particularly her fan fanbase, tapping in the give it positive reviews. “Love this song and choreography Shen might just be the most [fire] sh** you drop in a while man this harder than a turtle back and the vibe is just right,” one female fan wrote.

“More songs like this please now I can’t wait for the full album to drop, girl you definitely on the right track people just need to give you a chance to grow and show what you’re capable of,” another said.