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Kodak Black’s Attorney Confronts 1090 Jake Over Alleged ‘Snitching’

"I just got DMs from a person with docs where Mr. Cherry gave a SWORN statement as a witness"

Jake Kodak
1090 Jake, Kodak Black

Kodak Black’s attorney Bradford Cohen has stepped into the chat as he adds his voice to the ongoing spat between “snitch” exposer 1090 Jake and his client.

The attorney who secured a pardon for Kodak Black from former President Donald Trump claimed on Thursday that 1090 Jake was targeting Kodak with claims of snitching because the Florida rapper refused to do an interview with him over his recent “Shaka Laka” collaboration with Tekashi 6ix9ine.

In a video shared on social media days ago, Jake claimed that Kodak was a ‘rat.’

“When you was a one-man army in the Feds, you were rocking behind the Bloods and then you just did a song with the biggest rat that ratted on the Bloods,” Jake said. “Now I didn’t even say nothing about this dude saying that you was in protective custody in the Feds and you never even hit the yard in Big Sandy… it’s a lot of people who said they were there at that time with you and you never touched that yard,” he said, insinuating that anyone who is in protective custody is a snitch.

1090 Jake also brought up a lawsuit filed by Kodak’s lawyer, which claimed that he was beaten up right after arriving at the jail. “Is it snitching when you name-drop the COs that are supposedly ‘killing you slowly’?” Jake said as he referenced the content of the lawsuit.

Kodak Black’s attorney respond to 1090 Jake

Kodak Black’s lawyer, who filed the lawsuit, called out 1090 Jake for being a “rat” himself and clarified that the lawsuit was not snitching.

“This story is strange. This gentleman wanted an interview with Kodak about his feature on a record. When he didn’t do the interview, this guy came out and said that somehow Kodak told on jail guards,” Cohen wrote.

The attorney said he represented his client in a lawsuit against Correctional officers because they violated his client’s rights behind bars.

“When I filed a lawsuit against guards (part of the basis for the commutation) for failing to allow kodak access to religious leaders and abuse, that was telling.”

Cohen also exposed 1090 Jake, whose real name is Jacob Cherry.

“I just got DMs from a person with docs where Mr. Cherry gave a SWORN statement as a witness in a shooting and gave a statement to police about other ind.s,” he wrote.

In his defense, Jake commented on the posting, writing, “You a lawyer, request that shooting case and see nobody existed in that case Talk bout why Kodak ain’t come out his cell.”

Who is 1090 Jake?

1090 Jake is a known name in the hip-hop community as he often threatens to expose hip-hop personalities for cooperating with authorities in the past resulting in several feuds with rappers. The issue between him and Kodak Black stemmed from him claiming that Kodak had snitched, hence why he was in protective custody during his incarceration.

As for 1090 Jake, earlier this week, a document written by him was shared on the internet where he said he was assaulted by another inmate whom he identified and also gave information on others. During the fight, Jake received a laceration to the head.

The end of the statement also said, “Please help me,” addressed to the warden as he expressed that he was threatened, blackmailed, and assaulted and needed help.

However, Jake claimed that he was in solitary confinement and was writing to the warden and that the letter was not the same as snitching.

“The whole thing I wrote bro,” he said, adding that he was a “gangster” but wanted out of confinement. Touting his experience, he said he was placed in confinement for 210 days and had to be moved from a juvenile facility to an adult prison.