Shenseea’s Son Rajeiro Hits Usain Bolt Pose At His First Fashion Show Walk In NY

Shenseea is her son Rajeiro Lee's biggest fan as he gets his first taste of modeling

Shenseea Raj
Shenseea and Rajeiro Lee

Jamaican artiste Shenseea is a beaming parent as she shared that her son was a model for the Jordan fashion line at the Rookie USA fashion show.

The 13th Annual Rookie USA Fashion Show was hosted on Wednesday night as the official kick-off for New York Fashion Week. The show is hosted by Haddad Brands and features celebrity kids and kidfluencers’ as they dress up and model some of the world’s top fashion brands, including Nike, Jordan, Levi’s®, Converse, and Hurley.

The event was held at IRON23 and saw children dressing up in the latest apparel, accessories, and footwear from top global brands. According to Rookie USA, this year’s event will benefit charity Moms for Moms NYC on behalf of NY Knicks star Julius Randle.

The charitable organization works with single mothers by providing critical postpartum and newborn essentials and other resources to mothers who are affected by poverty. On Tuesday, Shenseea revealed that her son was going to be a model on the show.

“We’re here fitting Raj for the Jordan show. His fashion show,” she said as she revealed Raj had his own tent to dress/undress and try on the clothing he was to model.

The little one appeared excited as his mother asked him to “take a peek,” and he obliged by popping out with a full smile. On Wednesday night, Shenseea also shared videos from the catwalk as she excitedly awaited Raj’s turn.

“I’m waiting on my little star,” Shenseea beamed proudly.

She also shared a video of Raj wearing a matching sweater and pants, and as he passes her, he busts a wide smile at his mom. At the top of the catwalk, Raj also busts out Usain Bolt’s signature move before walking back, and his mom shouts, “I’m your biggest fan.”

“You ready for your fashion show,” Shenseea asks Raj in another video as he shouts out, “Yes, I am!”

After the show, he asks her, “killed it didn’t it?” as they both share a high-five.

Shenseea’s son is seven years old and is a celebrity in his own right, having accompanied his mother to the red carpet in the past and also regularly appearing in her videos and on social media.

The child resides in Jamaica but appears to have traveled to the U.S. for the show.