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Erica Mena Regrets Calling Spice ‘Monkey’ But No Apology: Love & Hip Hop

Erica Mena and Spice tells their side of the story following blowout on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta

Erica Mena
Erica Mena

Both Erica Mena and Spice addresses their spat on the new episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta with Mena expressing her regrets for calling the Dancehall artist a “Blue Monkey.”

Love & Hip Hip: Atlanta Season 11 is winding down as the show delves further into the drama that went down between Spice and Erica Mena last week, which saw the latter using a racist slur and being fired from the franchise for the next season.

Episode 14 of Season 11 was mainly centered on the post-dissection of the Spice/Erica Mena blow-up. The show opened with Spice and Safaree talking about Erica behind her back as he shared that he has been paying child support. Another clip also has Spice claiming that Safaree sent him a voice note crying. She heard Erica in the background question Safaree about why he was crying over Spice but never cried for her after they divorced.

While on a getaway, fellow cast members discussed how the table Erica pushed on Spice’s stomach injury. Rasheeda and Kirk Frost said they were disappointed in Erica’s remarks as she called Spice “monkey” and “blue monkey.”

Spice at the 2023 Caribbean Music Awards

Erica is also seen shooting for her new movie “Hush” on Tubi and says she is “disappointed” in the events.

“I can’t lie and say that I’m not disappointed in what transpired between me and Spice. Ever since then, she’s been subbing me, going live. But it doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is her thinking she has a right to speak on my son in any way,” Erica said.

While speaking with her nanny, Erica claimed that Safaree was sending voice notes to Spice about her.

“To know that he’s sending voice notes to Spice about me was not surprising but at this point, you’re causing unnecessary drama and I don’t deserve this,” she said, adding that she and Spice never had any problems.

Erica claims that Spice claiming that her son doesn’t like her comes from Safaree, who often uses it as a nasty insult to get at her.

“When he gets mad when people call him a deadbeat, that’s the first thing that he says, ‘oh you’re a deadbeat too, your son don’t like you too, that’s Safaree’s favorite thing to throw in my face,” she said adding that her son who is now almost 17 years old, does not want to be in the limelight.

“If my kid does not want to be in the limelight, it means I will do whatever the f**k it takes to keep him out of the limelight. My kid has every right to have a private life. She crossed a line that should have never been crossed,” She said.

Erica also seems a bit regretful for what she said, noting that she “let herself down” for saying “things that’s honestly not ok.”

The show juxtaposes Erica’s earlier interview from Episode 11, where she claims not to have remembered what she said in the heat of the moment. Safaree is also dragged by Erica for stirring drama instead of making her life easier.

Meanwhile, Spice also raised the issue with Erica with Erica’s friend Sierra Gates and others.

Sierra expresses that she can’t take sides because both women played a part in things escalating.

Spice gives her side of the story

Spice, however, denies that she said anything bad about Erica’s child despite shouting that her son hates her.

“I did not say anything bad about her son… I said her son don’t like her but she was angry with me before… I know what it was. I know Erica feel type of way because she see me and Amara and Safaree when I went to Miami,” Spice says.

Sierra Gates agrees that Erica Mena was wrong for wishing that Spice should have died on the surgery table. The Jamaican artist also claims that Erica called her a “black monkey,” and she says that she was hurt that her friend would say that to her, given that she’s experienced racism throughout her life due to her skin color.

Spice also seemed hot for Bambi as she shared that she disbelieved that she (Bambi) and Erica Mena did not speak about the incident.

“Why y’all always so fake?” Spice asks Bambi. “Who’s so fake? Who are you talking to?” Bambi asks, and Spice erupts into a an expletives-laced rant, calling Sierra a “b**ch.”

Spice also gets aggressive as she walks towards Sierra Gates seemingly wanting to fight her despite Gates telling her that her position is that Erica Mena is wrong.