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Lil Scrappy Backtracks Defending Erica Mena After Seeing Spice Clip For Himself

"Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" cast member Lil Scrappy walks back his defense of Erica Mena getting fired for calling Spice a "Blue Monkey"

Lil Scrappy
Lil Scrappy

Lil Scrappy might’ve spoken too fast in defense of his fellow Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Erica Mena after the franchise cut ties with her. Mena was getting some sympathy from cast member Scrappy after she was fired by Love & Hip Hop on Saturday.

Erica Mena was fired for using a racist slur against Jamaican cast member Spice where she referred to her as a ‘blue monkey’ on an episode of the show that aired last week. The move surprised many, but Mena has not reacted as yet.

It seems that her former cast members are not in agreement with the decision to fire her, as Scrappy seems to think that she was set up by the franchise, which allowed a confrontation between the women, knowing that it would have escalated.

“How I feel about Erica getting fired, I don’t think that’s real, I see that on the L&HH page…I think that’s really bozo for them to fire somebody after they set you up. They set you up, get you all hyped up…You react and then they want to fire you and I don’t f**k with Erica at all,” Scrappy said on Instagram Live when he was asked by fans to comment on the situation.

Scrappy is not a fan of Erica, and the two of them have been at each other’s throats for the entire season 11 as she defends her friend, Bambi. The artist said if he was in Erica’s position, he would do everything to defend his children being brought up on the show.

“You know what I’m saying but you put me in a position, cuz, a n**ga talking about my kids and all that. We fighting we not throwing no table. They can fire me…Imma still do me. I was doing me before and imma still do me after,” he said.

Adding, “I don’t see how they can do that how they can fire somebody after y’all started it. I wasn’t gonna be in front this b***ch if you didn’t put me in front this b***h…. y’all knew we had beef…the thing about it is they put you in front of people to play that don’t even play.”

Erica Mena has not reacted to the news of her being fired from the show, but many have questioned why Erica Mena was now being fired despite the episode being shot and produced months ago and then aired. The producers would have known what happened between the women, and fans believe that producer Mona Scott Young et al. were being disingenuous.

In the meantime, Scrappy also seemed to have backtracked on his earlier video as he shared that “Erica Mena was wrong,” and while he doesn’t want anyone to be locked up, fired, or go to jail, he understands that she has to deal with the consequences of her actions.

“Colorism is real, we do know that; racism is real, we do know that; hate is real we know that,” he said.