Jahshii and Demarco Connects On Shotta Anthem “We Did It”

Jahshii and Demarco dropped late summer banger

Jahshii Demarco
Jahshii and Demarco

Jahshii returns with a new single connecting with Atlanta-based dancehall star Demarco. The two artists dropped their new collaboration, “We Did It,” over the weekend, earning them some great feedback from fans.

The track was produced by Ajal, while the nearly three minutes long video was directed by Knemesis. The cut, which was filmed in Toronto, Canada, over the summer, saw Demarco sitting in the back of a white Rolls-Royce Phantom with some ladies tending to his needs. He was later joined by Jahshii, who had his double cup and blunt in hand.

“Yuh no see a you me dweet fa/Turn them in a believer/Born hustler go ask Jubilee that/Cooking in a the tea pot take it to the street hot/No look in a the media mi put it in a the speaker/Couple G stack in a me Louis V bag/Couple killa deh a foot ready fi do weh me chat,” Jahshii deejays.

Demarco handles the melodic hook in his signature style. “Them never believe in a we so we show them/Life and me style is so Golden/No pay them no mind let we show them/Surprise when we rise cuz we chosen,” the singjay sings.

Jahshii has been relatively quiet on the music scene since an attack on his life in July of this year when armed men fired shots at his entourage after they left his birthday celebration at a nightclub in Kingston. Six members of the dancehall deejay’s entourage were injured in the attack that reportedly stemmed from an alleged shooting in his native Grants Pen, where a man was killed.

Jahshii dropped two new solo songs since the incident, “Dream To Reality” and “False Alarm.”