Dancehall Artist Malie Donn Speak, Cleared Of Sexual Assault In Barbados

Malie Donn and members of his entourage were released by authorities in Barbados after being detained over alleged rape

Malie Donn
Malie Donn

Upcoming artiste Malie Donn is singing the praises of Barbados Police after he was released on Monday night following his arrest for rape.

According to reports, the “V6” artiste and four members of his entourage were arrested while attempting to leave Barbados to return to Jamaica after a woman claimed that she was raped. Several local news sources claimed that Malie Donn, Panta Son, and three other men were arrested around 4:00 a.m. at the island’s Grantley Adams International Airport.

The details about the allegation are sparse, but reports are that Malie Donn and his team were in Barbados for the Summa Fest 2023 concert held at Kensington Oval, where he performed on Saturday. The woman who claimed she was raped had visited one of the men at a hotel after the performance. The woman later claimed that she was drugged and sexually assaulted by all of the men in the group, leading to their arrest.

Malie Donn, whose real name is Kimalie Hylton, revealed on Monday night that he was released from police custody after the police concluded that no crime had been committed.

“Yeah man, a dat them want see, man. None stop,” the artist said while his friend chimed in, “what dem want see dem nah see it hear?”

“Love the gal them too much fi hurt the gal dem, man yuh hear that… Some boy and some gal a dat unnu well want see, yuh hear that?” Malie Donn added.

On his Instagram Story, he added, “Respect to the Barbados Police for a good investigation [prayers emoji] #believe #freedom.”

Malie Donn has seen major success with his career in recent months. The artist, who was born and raised in the Waterford community on the outskirts of Kingston, blew up following the successful release of his songs “V6” and “Bank.”

There are reports that Malie Donn and the company had video evidence to prove that the interaction between the woman claiming rape and the member of the entourage was consensual.

On social media, many fans offered words of advice to Malie Donn and company.

“Take this as a sign and Stop harbor one bagga groupie around unuh. Guard unuh circle and protect your brand. Rape allegations come like curry stain inna white clothes it hard fi remove all when proven seh a lie,” one fan wrote.

Sources told Urban Islandz on Monday that Bajan police cleared the artist and his entourage members of any wrongdoings following a swift investigation. The artist is set to return to Jamaica on the next flight out of Barbados.