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Erica Mena, Bambi Arrested In Atlanta For Epic Bar Fight: Love & Hip Hop

Safaree's baby mother Erica Men and her Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta castmate, Bambi, arrested in Atlanta

Bambi Erica Mena
Bambi and Erica Mena

A night out on the town turned into a stint in jail for Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member Erica Mena after she ended up in a brawl with fellow cast member Bambi Benson and Rodney Shaw, also called Zellswag.

Atlanta TV station WSBTV reported that Erica Mena, Bambi, Zellswag, and a man named Kadeem Cadet were all arrested after a fight at the popular Lucca Lounge on Pharr Road. It’s unclear what caused the fight, but videos online showed the woman snatching each other. Another video also showed Florida rapper Santana jumping out of the VIP section of the bar and running out of the venue just as the fight intensified between the women.

In the meantime, all four arrested were booked into Fulton County Jail and were charged with willful obstruction of a law officer. Mena and Zellswag are separately facing a charge for simple battery after they reportedly fought the police officer.

While it’s unclear who started the fight, Erica and Bambi are friends for the most part, as can be seen on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The current season is focusing on Bambi and Scrappy, and Erica Mena has intervened to confront the latter for not paying child support.

Erica previously got into an argument with Scrappy over speculations that he had a relationship with Diamond and even told Bambi about it.

Bambi and Scrappy later got into a huge argument back in July as he questioned the whereabouts of her first son and whether she was active in the child’s life. In the meantime, it’s unclear the connection between Zellswag and Santana to the women.

Fans also reacted to the fight.

“Nahhhh not Addie!!! What in world. Now Addie you know you to old to be fighting because your name itself tell it all!!!” one fan said of Bambi.

“Bambi got divorced and started embarrassing herself nonstop,” another said.

“Erica & Bambi you both are mothers to children under 5 years of age. GET SOME SENSE ALREADY,” another said.

Up to midday on Saturday, the women were still in jail.

In the meantime, Santana says that Zellswag was defending Erica, who got into a fight with security guards.

“He was not fighting no girls. He had gotten into it with the security or authorities. He was with his homegirls. Erica was very belligerent, I don’t know maybe she got to drunk or whatever the case is, she was real wild last night,” Santana said.

“She got into it with the security guard, it was three-four big securities on top of her, so Zell being a man and dem his girls, he was trying to de-escalate the situation…
I got the f**k out of dodge because I don’t play that,” he added.