Shauna Controlla Calls For Prayers For Ailing Gully Bop

Gully Bop is sick and in need of help

Shauna Controlla Gully Bop
Shauna Controlla, Gully Bop

Dancehall sensation Gully Bop is down on his luck and is facing major health problems while his friends appeal for help from the public.

On Saturday, a local pastor claimed that Gully Bop needed medical attention, and he took him to viral social media influencer Donna Gowe to ask her for help. However, Gowe was very clear that she couldn’t help him and instead asked her fans and his exes Shauna Controlla, formerly Shauna Chyn and Amari, to step up since they benefitted from Gully Bop’s career.

While Amari was not a fan of Gowe calling her out, Shauna was emotional as she broke down and began to cry on Instagram Live.

“You nuh affi follow me, you nuh affi do none of that, mi nuh want no followers, mi nuh want no likes, mi nuh want no favoritism but me ah ask all who did love the story, from the gully to the money, from rags to riches, ‘every gal want a wuk offa me, boom! Me a ask unnu fi please pray for him. Nothing beats prayers,” she said.

She continued, “Him have him ways but this is not the right way for us to go about giving up on him. Yes, he’s disrespectful, yes him get the gold spoon inna him mouth and him dash it way but also believe and know say him a human too.”

In the meantime, a woman who has identified herself as one of Gully Bop’s daughters is also distancing herself from him after he said his children were worse than strangers.

The woman alleges that Bop was never there for her and her siblings, and he was a terrible father to his only son, who was seen with him after he became an artiste. She also accused him of being at the heights of fame and money but never doing anything for his children or his own elderly mother, who continues to live in Grants Pen.

While his situation is sympathetic at best, Mr. Vegas also had a reminder for Gully Bop as he reposted a news headline from Urban Islandz in 2016 where he warned Bop to be wary of the people around him, including Shauna Chyn, who reportedly owns the masters for his music and collects his royalties.