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DJ Akademiks Responds Reports Tory Lanez Leaked Documents To Him

Tory Lanez reportedly leaked confidential court documents and medical information to DJ Akademiks

DJ Akademiks
DJ Akademiks / YouTube

Podcaster DJ Akademiks is defiant as he lashes out at reporter Meghan Cuniff and others after the reporter shared that Judge David Herriford mentioned Tory Lanez’s egregious actions, which included him leaking a discovery document to sway the public opinion on the case.

Tory Lanez was sentenced on Tuesday to 10 years in state prison and 345 days of custody credit. The rapper is effectively to spend just a little more than nine (9) years in jail unless his sentence is pardoned or he receives parole early.

Before his sentencing, Judge Herriford presided over an unusual two-day sentencing hearing where he allowed both the prosecution and defense to clarify their sentencing memos.

The prosecution asked the judge initially to sentence Lanez to 13 years in jail, but his attorneys, which included former Casey Anthony defense lawyer Jose Baez, asked for the rapper to be sent to a treatment program to manage his alcohol addiction and to be sent on probation. Judge Herriford, however, went through several of the aggravating factors that were found, which included Tory’s behavior during the trial.

One instance was brought up where Tory Lanez breached a gag and discovery order by leaking a document filed in discovery. Lanez had denied leaking the document to Akademiks, but the judge found that he did not believe the rapper.

The document in question was a DNA report of the firearm that was recovered by police and contained several DNA samples. However, Akademiks claimed that the report said Lanez’s DNA was not found. However, in truth, the report was inconclusive as it contained several person’s DNA.

“The judge found that Lanez leaked to Akademiks,” Cuniff said, adding that his own attorneys said that.

However, Akademiks had choice words for the judge and even Megan Thee Stallion, whom he continues to antagonize.

“Waiting for Akademiks to be arrested, arrested for what? I’m not in the case, I’m a citizen my n***a. Here’s the facts: I could say whatever the f**k I want… I’m upping the ante because I really think that people think n***s like me is b***hes,” he said.

He continued, “Bring the lawsuit or Imma tell y’all to suck d*ck every day, y’all gotta bring the lawsuit or suck d*ck all yall. Meg The Stallion, all y’all. I don’t gotta tell you who the f**k gave me that information,” he said.

Akademiks also directed his remarks to Judge Herriford.

“If it was a serious enough problem, that f**king judge, would have f**king subpoena me, I’m not in f**king in California,” he said before going on to say he had a lot of money than most of his critics’ favorite rappers.