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YSL Rico: Young Thug’s Attorney Wants Goat Sacrifice Evidence Excluded

Young Thug's lawyer Brian Steel pushes for a judge to exclude a video evidence of a YSL member allegedly sacrificing a goat in a religious ritual

Young Thug
Young Thug / YouTube

Rapper Young Thug’s attorney has filed more than two dozen motions to exclude evidence that might be prejudicial to the rapper, including one which references another defendant committing goat sacrifice when he was arrested.

Earlier this week, Brian Steel made the applications to exclude the evidence, which includes 911 calls, jailhouse conversations, and the arrest of Shannon Stillwell, his co-defendant. According to the motion, when Stillwell was arrested by cops in 2022, he was caught in the middle of a religious event that involved the sacrifice of goats. Steel wants the video of his arrest excluded, WSBTV reported.

“Although this issue does not directly involve Mr. Williams as he was never involved/arrested on March 17, 2022, nor charged with Mr. Drinks’ supposed murder, law enforcement officers arrested Mr. Shannon Stillwell at 2481 Meadowlark Drive, East Point, Georgia, 30344, while during a religious ceremony which involved the supposed sacrifice of goats,” part of the motion read.

Stillwell is charged with murder and other charges and is among eight defendants on trial at present after Judge Ural Glanville severed the indictment to allow some of the defendants to be tried separately due to issues regarding their legal representation.

The defendants have been in jail since May 2022 as the trial begins a slow start with jury selection beginning in January 2023 and the case still ongoing. The rapper and his co-defendants are charged with murder and gang-related crimes, and according to the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, the defendants used the YSL label as a ruse for their gang activities. Young Thug is accused of facilitating the murder of rival YFN Lucci’s manager in 2015.

This week, Judge Glanville denied bond for both Thug and Yak Gotti, noting that the threat and intimidation of witnesses and being flight risks were still imminent.

Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, faces life imprisonment if convicted. Several of his co-accused, including his right hand man Gunna and brother Unfoonk, took plea deals and were released from jail. However, Unfoonk found himself back behind bars following an arrest that resulted in him violating the terms of his release.